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   Chapter 497 Be Happy Together

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"You can sit in the living room for a while. It will be ready soon." Said Yolande.

After pouring the fried egg onto the plate, she turned around and saw that Austin was still holding her waist.

"You Too hard. " Said Yolande with a red face. Her lower abdomen was hurt by the grip. Even though Austin loosened his grip a little, he still held her soft waist like holding a treasure.

Yolande was helpless. Could he stop hugging her like this? She couldn't make breakfast now.

Mr. Austin, who had always been silent, had such an intimate side with his wife. Yolande was a little surprised.


"Yes. What's wrong?" The man said dotingly.

"Can you let me go? Then you can have a delicious breakfast. " Yolande coaxed him.

The man chuckled and let go of his arm to help her make breakfast. Yolande didn't say anything. With the help of Austin, the breakfast would be cooked faster.

After breakfast, Austin put on his suit and went to work. Yolande helped him tie his tie thoughtfully, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. She blushed and said, "honey, have a good time at work."

Austin hugged her and said, "call me if you need anything."

"Okay," said Austin, opening the door and leaving.

Yolande cleaned up the table and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Mona quickly took the bowl and chopsticks and said, "Mrs. Yolande, let me wash the dishes."

Mona insisted, so Yolande had to put down her chopsticks and let Mona wash the dishes. She went upstairs and opened the study, flipping through the documents left by her father.

The white door was filled with her father's dense words. Yolande gently touched her father's usual good-looking handwriting and couldn't help but think of her father's serious work. Tears welled up in Yolande's eyes.

Dad, Austin and I are living a happy life now. You should also live a good life there.

A few days ago, Austin accompanied her to visit her father in the cemetery and told him that she had avenged him. Sunny had been in prison and sentenced to life imprisonment. She would spend the rest of her life in prison.

"Father, both of your hands are your flesh and blood. You must feel sorry

eyes happily. After a long time, Austin let go of Yolande and gently pinched her pink lips.

The woman's face flushed slightly. "I'm going to serve the dishes."

"Okay." Austin took off his suit and went to the kitchen to help.

On the table, Austin kept picking up food for Yolande. He was so happy that it was hard to express in words.

The food that she picked up for Yolande was her favorite. She ate well and was worried that she would get fat.

"You will gain weight if you eat too much." She needed to control herself a little.

Yolande touched her belly. She had gained some weight this month because of her thin body. If she ate too much, she might get fat.

"Don't worry. You look good with some weight."

Yolande rolled her eyes at him. She didn't look good no matter what she wore.

After dinner, Yolande was reading an entertainment magazine on the sofa, with a soft newspaper in her arms. Sitting in a comfortable chair, Austin frowned from time to time.

Time was quiet. The half opened window let in a cool and comfortable breeze.

She raised her eyebrows and peeked at the man's handsome face from time to time, and a happy smile appeared on her delicate face.

Life was always bitter. Experiencing three years of hellish married life, she divorced and was freed from it. She was grateful to the God of destiny for bringing such an excellent and perfect man like Austin to her side.

We will be happy forever, Austin.

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