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   Chapter 458 The Video Was Destroyed

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Aron exhaled the smoke ring, glanced at Sunny indifferently, and then continued to smoke.

The air froze. For a minute, both of them fell into silence. Sunny couldn't stand it anymore, "Aron, say something!"

"What do you want me to say?" He raised his eyebrows and stared coldly at the woman's delicate face.

This face was indeed very beautiful. There was pink in the white, delicate and shiny. However, no one would have thought that there was an ugly heart under this delicate face.

"Aron, trust me. Yolande is really a scheming woman!"

"Enough!" Aron interrupted her angrily and glanced at Sunny's delicate face with disgust. He really wanted to destroy this face and never see it again.

It was not that Aron was cruel, but that Sunny was really disgusting. Things to this point, she did not know how to repent but even still blindly blacken Yolande. The woman's shamelessness had reached a supreme state.

"Well, why don't you look at yourself in the mirror to see what kind of person you are?" Aron said sarcastically.

"Yolande is much kinder than you. You'd better not go to the villa again and leave her alone." Speaking of Yolande, an obvious tenderness rarely appeared on his face. When he saw the disgusting face of Sunny, a touch of disgust emerged from his heart.

Said Sunny with a sneer. "I'm so moved, Aron. You came to see me for Yolande. If I hadn't gone to the Lin Family's villa to see Yolande, wouldn't you come to see me?"

Sunny suddenly burst into laughter, and her shrill laughter echoed in the reception room.

The man she loved came to see her on purpose for the sake of her safety. Well, this was the man she had silently loved for more than 10 years.

Sunny wiped her tears and stared at Aron with resentment.

"Stop laughing. What are you laughing at?"

Aron took out the video and played with her. "Sunny, do you want me to upload this video online? Just say what you want. I'm willing to do i

e on her face.

Aron was so angry that he trembled and rushed up. Sunny took a few steps back and screamed out of fear and ran out of the reception room in a hurry.

"Help, Mr. Aron She wanted to molest me! " The leaders looked at each other and stared blankly at Aron who ran out of the reception room with a long face.

Aron glared at Sunny, "molesting you? I'm not interested, "he left angrily.

"Yolande, are you okay?"

"No It's okay, "said Sunny, pretending to be frightened. She shook her head with dull eyes and walked towards her office.

After returning to her office and closing the door, Sunny sat down on the president's chair and smiled happily.

The video had been destroyed by her. Without the video, Aron couldn't do anything to her easily in the future, which made Sunny feel happy.

Yolande's spirit was collapsing day by day. Yolande would rather die than live.

Yolande went to the flower shop and bought a bunch of flowers. She put them in a vase in her bedroom and stared blankly at the red flowers. She hadn't watered the flowers once a month because of her negligence in taking care of them during this period of time, which made them gradually wither. Yolande had to throw away the withered flowers and buy another bunch of flowers and put them in the vase.

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