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   Chapter 368 I Love You Very Much

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Yolande stopped and rubbed his hands. As if he didn't see Aron, he went straight to the gate of the villa.

"Have you had dinner?" She ignored him and walked past Aron.

Aron didn't get angry. These days, he had thought a lot about the past and reflected on himself. He had done a lot of bad things in the past, and it was understandable that she was angry and disgusted to ignore him.

Aron held Sunny in his arms and scolded her angrily. He didn't feel anything wrong at that time, but now it was very harsh to think of it.

"Don't be like this. Say something to me, okay?" He stepped forward and held her hand, his eyes full of affection.

Austin was in Yolande's mind. Aron grabbed her hand recklessly and she struggled hard to get rid of him. The man was so strong that no matter how Yolande struggled, he couldn't get her hand back.

"Let me go." She shouted in a hoarse voice with red eyes.

Aron let go of his hand, a trace of loss flashing across his face. "I'm sorry!"

She took a few steps back, her eyes cold. "Please go back."

Without looking back, Yolande opened the door, went into the yard and into the room. He stared blankly at her figure disappearing from his sight. The white door was closed, and Aron wandered around the door, not leaving.

There were many trees around the villa, and the green leaves were blowing [沙沙] in the wind.

"Miss. Yolande, you're back from a walk."

"Okay." She took off her coat and scarf, hung them on the hanger, and sat down on the sofa in a daze.

Thinking of something, Yolande stood up and ran to the window. Aron's Rolls-Royce was parked not far away and he was wandering around the villa.

Afraid that he would look up at the window, Yolande quickly drew the curtain and dodged aside.

Coincidentally, Aron raised his head and inadvertently glanced at the window. Standing high in the sky, Yolande looked at him. Being afraid of being discovered by him, he quickly dodged and closed the curtain. In just a few seconds, Aron felt sweet in his heart.

Yolande still pretended to be calm. She pretended to be tough and didn't care about anything, but in fact, she cared about him in her mind, didn't

a strange temper, a cold personality and a cleanliness.

Mona put down the basket and sat on the chair.

"Just eat. It's not a rush to buy food."

"Okay." After taking a few bites, Aron remembered that he didn't brush his teeth or wash his face.

He didn't stop. He picked up the glass and drank half of the milk, but thinking of Yolande, he was a little absent-minded.

Halfway through the meal, there were several clattering footsteps from the stairs, and his heart beat wildly. He looked up and found that Yolande was in pajamas and went downstairs with the help of a spiral ladder.

When she walked to the center of the stairs, she stopped and looked at the dining table. Aron was eating at a corner of the table.

At first, he didn't see the man's face clearly, and his heart beat wildly, as if he saw Austin having breakfast in that seat.

She came back to her senses and felt heartbroken. He would never come back. All of a sudden, Yolande felt as if she had nothing to love.

She walked down the stairs slowly and Mona stood up. "Miss. Yolande, you are awake."

"I asked Mr. Aron to come in. He sat in a car near the villa for a whole night. He was hungry and wanted to eat something." Mona explained.

"Okay, let him go after dinner." Yolande said calmly.

She didn't blame Mona. She had known Aron's pestering skill.

Aron's fiery eyes fell on her, and he looked at the sofa, but Yolande didn't bother to look at him.

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