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   Chapter 354 All Of Them Were Her Photos

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"You two are a perfect match."

She had heard a lot of people say that the employees of the company, the manager, the sales clerk of the mall, and the boss who was dancing on the square. She thought it was just a compliment.

Now, after listening to Mona's explanation of Austin's past, she suddenly realized that in some places, they were very similar.

The two people who looked like each other were probably a perfect match.

"Well, I didn't think so before, but now I think so." She blinked her eyes and held back her tears.

"Miss bonny, I have something for you." Mona suddenly said. She lowered her head, took out her phone from her pocket and handed it to Yolande.

"It's Mr. Austin's phone." Her eyes fell on the black colored mobile phone in Mona's hand. With a tremble, she took the phone from Austin. Her phone was powered off. She rubbed the screen saver with her fingers and felt a sharp pain in her heart. She didn't turn it on.

In the evening, Yolande went back to her bedroom. Lying prone on the bed, she opened the phone of Austin. She was stunned when she saw the picture on the screen. It was her picture. She had long hair over her shoulders and wore a white soft sand dress.

She was stunned and looked at the dress in the photo. It was the one she had worn after divorce with Aron. She didn't remember when she had worn this dress, nor did she know when Austin had taken it.

In Austin's photo album, there were hundreds of photos of the same woman.

Looking through the photos one by one, Yolande covered her mouth and cried. The photos were taken from different angles.

She put on an apron in the kitchen and concentrated on cooking.

In the office, she was reading a pile of documents with a frown. Her face was slightly angry.

She was eating her favorite desserts in the ice cream shop, looking satisfied.

She lay on the armchair in Austin's office, staring at somewhere with a smile.

There were also many photos taken at home and on the way to the company. She smiled bitterly. She didn't know how careless she was.

Yolande shed tears,

ng wrong with Austin, and Yolande wouldn't miss her ex husband as much as she did now.

Thinking of all the sweet memories of his love in the past, he regretted what he had done and couldn't wait to make up for Yolande.

Aron wandered around the villa for a while and left sulkily.

This weekend, he didn't work overtime and drove alone to stroll around.

Aron came to a small lake and parked his car by the shade of a tree. He leaned back on the driver's seat and looked at the willows in Hubei Province, staring blankly at the running children.

When she was dating with Yolande, she didn't have classes on weekends, so she asked him to take her here to play.

The air here was fresh. The lake was clear and the wind was not strong.

This place was a little remote, far away from the bustling city. The two story villa was the name of the rich drama. Every day, she would go fishing, look at the blue and clear sky, and make delicious fish soup with the fish she caught. She had a good life.

Many residents caught a basket of fish and sold it in the afternoon. Fresh fish were sold quickly.

On the other side of the small lake, the sea stretched out. Many little fish flowed along the sea and looked blue and beautiful.

"Aron, let's live here after we get married. It's quiet and fresh."

"Well, it's good that you like it. It's only three hours' drive from my company."

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