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   Chapter 353 Be Strong

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When the phone was turned on, it was a picture of her. The man next to her smiled gently and looked at her affectionately.

Half a month ago, she changed the wallpaper of her cell phone to a photo of her and Austin. Yolande staring at the screen of her cell phone in a daze, a bitter smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

She looked at the time and found that a day and a night had passed.

She turned off her phone. Her mind was in a mess. She often fell asleep and had nightmares. So long had passed, day and night. She propped herself up and sat up, trying to clear her mind a bit, wondering if it was because she hadn't eaten. Yolande felt dizzy and wanted a drink. She didn't even have the strength to pour one.

She lay on the bed helplessly, feeling extremely sad. 'Austin has left. The man who treats me like a family member has left!' she thought! She would never come back. She had no family.

Her father was killed by her sister, and her stepmother was sentenced to death.

Austin died of illness, and her world was empty. Perhaps she would live alone in the future.

No one cared about her, and she had no one to worry about.

At this moment, she hadn't eaten anything for a day, and she was too sad. She felt dizzy and didn't have the strength to get herself a glass of water.

The sense of helplessness made her depressed.

No one said anything warm to her.

Yolande grabbed her phone and called Mona. Now she only had Mona's number.

"Hello, Mona."

"Mrs. Yolande, where have you been? I've been looking for you. " Mona said in an anxious voice. She was moved and felt a little sad.

"I I'm at the Su Family's residence. "

Mona sighed and said with concern. "Are you okay? I'm going to see you? "

"Okay, I'll send you the address." She sniffed.

"Mrs. Yolande, I'll be right there."

"Okay." She was so weak that she lay on the bed like a corpse, waiting for Mona to save her.

Mona came to the house of the Su Family and entered the password to enter the house area. Yolande struggled to get up and went downstairs to open the door for Mona.

When she opened the door handle, she felt weak and almost fell down. Mona quick


"He is the best." The woman said in a gentle voice, which made Mona feel sad.

"I remember that Mr. Austin could recite thirty poems when he was four years old. He put his hand behind his back and did it well." A loving smile appeared on Mona's wrinkled face.

"Very cute." Yolande covered her face and cried.

Mona sighed and kept silent. "Mona, I have no relatives now."

"Miss Yolande, you don't mind. I'm your family." She reached out her wrinkled hand and touched her head.


"Didn't he chase girls in high school?" After asking this question, Yolande regretted immediately. If Mr. Austin really chased after a girl, would he tell the servant?

Besides, Austin told her that he had never been in love. Back in high school, a girl had been chasing him for three years.

"Mr. Austin is introverted and seldom takes the initiative to talk to girls."

"Speaking of this, the old lady also made a mistake. Her son blushed when he saw a girl. How could he marry a girl in the future?" Mona smiled.

"After going to college, Mr. Austin told the old lady clearly."

"It's not that he doesn't know how to get along with girls. He doesn't like those girls. There's no need to get along with them."

"He is going to marry someone he truly loves. He wants love, not a marriage."

"A marriage with love is his ideal choice."

"Oh, I agree with you." Yolande murmured.

Mona smiled. "Yeah, you two are a perfect match."

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