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   Chapter 337 I Won't Give Up

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The scene of the three people, after all, was embarrassing. Aron continued to sit on the armchair in front of the light bulb, with a dark face.

Looking at him, Yolande felt distressed. Was he not going to leave?

She wanted to be alone with Austin every minute and second. How ungrateful he was. Getting out of his arms, Yolande touched Austin's face and looked back at Aron worriedly.

"Why are you still here?" His tone was very unfriendly.

Aron squinted at her. "You agreed to go out with me?" He lazily leaned against the sofa and looked out of the window at the bright sunshine.

On second thought, Yolande thought it was better to make it clear to Aron that she didn't want to see Aron again except for meeting him at work.

"Okay, let's go out and have a talk." She turned around and gave Austin a deep look. "I'll be back in ten minutes."

"Okay." She felt bitter in her heart.

He hid it well and didn't show it. Yolande strode towards the door, followed by Aron. He turned around and gave a defiant look at Austin.

In the past, he had been often bullied by Austin]. He really wanted to give back ten times and a hundred times. His weakness was Yolande.

The corridor of the private hospital was not a place to talk. The two of them went downstairs and came to the garden. The roses in the garden were blooming in the breeze. Yolande looked at the bright red roses, eyes flashing with a certain longing and Aron thought she wanted.

"Do you want roses?" She came to her senses and looked at him coldly. The roses in the garden were blooming, but it reminded him of the red roses sent by Austin.

Yolande put it in a vase. A few days later, the rose's wet petals withered.

"Mr. Aron, don't come to me again."

Aron's eyes sparkled with excitement, and he was almost frozen by what Yolande said. "Just for that sickly Austin?" His suppressed anger was ignited by Yolande's straightforward refusal.

The scene just now flashed through his mind. They were affectionate and Aron had a display of affection. At this moment,

cried for a long time."

"How did my fever go down later?"

"Well, Mrs. Yolande has helped you lower your temperature physically, and your fever won't be brought down until midnight."

The woman held his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. Austin didn't ask her about the conversation between her and Aron. Judging from her unhappy face, he could guess what was going on.

The man frowned and said, "Dr. Warren said that you gave me a physical cooling last night. This is the second time you strip me naked." His tone was playful, and Yolande sensed a hint of joy. Not long after Yolande lived in the Lin clan's villa, she had a high fever that night. It was not until she had cooled him down physically that her fever had been brought down.

"No I haven't stripped myself naked. " She blushed and thought, 'this man is sick, but he still flirts with me?'?

"Then why are you blushing?" The woman raised her head and glared at him.

With a smile on his weak lips, he put his arm around the woman's shoulder. "It doesn't matter if you see me. I'm generous." She was angry. At that time, Austin had a high fever and wanted to bring it down, so he had no time to appreciate his body.

Thinking of his thin body, her eyes dimmed. Yolande hugged the man lovingly. "You're too thin. Austin, I feel sorry for you." He felt sad and didn't know what to say.

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