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   Chapter 316 Mixed Feelings

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"Yes, Mrs. Yolande is excellent. She and Mr. Austin are a perfect match." The Secretary said.

Aron didn't say anything. He had a strange feeling.

After the secretary left, he simply packed up and decided to go to a five star premium hotel for social engagement. When he went to the hotel for social engagements and saw Yolande, he was inexplicably excited. In the past few days, he couldn't help comparing Sunny with Yolande and found that the two sisters were too sensitive. They were almost the same.

In a flash, Yolande became a strong woman in the business world. Sunny retreated, with a sallow face and a miserable expression, like a middle-aged resentful woman. Aron's patience for her was about to run out.

"Aron, I love you. How can you do this to me?"

"Aron, don't you love me anymore? You used to lie to me. "

He thought of Sunny's complaint and wondered if a woman would become like this after marriage?

Aron ate something casually in the dining hall and drove to the hotel for social engagement.

At the same time, Yolande kept thinking about Austin, hoping that she could master the avatar technique. Her half was in front of Austin, nestling in his arms, happy and sweet, and the other half was working in the company.

When they went to the canteen for lunch in the afternoon, the secretary came up and told her that the appointment in the afternoon had been cancelled for several days. At two point five o'clock in the afternoon, there was a dinner party in a five-star hotel, so she couldn't refuse it. She had to ask the driver to send her to the address of a hotel. She had been busy for the whole morning, so she was tired and asked the driver to drive.

Along the way, she leaned against the chair and felt sleepy. "Mrs. Yolande, here we are."

"Okay." She sat up straight and rubbed her eyes. In front of her was a five star hotel which covered a large area. The luxury of its appearance surprised Yolande.

"Who are they?"

"Mrs. Yolande, the guests of this restaurant are all the senior members of the company and have a high status." She nodded thoughtfully

"Does Mr. Austin often come to this restaurant?"


Austin's company had tens of millions of working capital every day. A month's income was enough to start the project. Austin had told her before that the project could be carried out slowly.

"This is my name card. If you need any help, please call me. We have invested a lot of companies. It's our honor to cooperate with you and Mr. Austin."

"Thank you for your appreciation, Mr. Jacob." Taking the business card, Yolande took a look at it and put it in his bag.

Aron's face darkened. He cast a glance at the woman who had remained calm. She used to be his wife, submissive and humble to the bone. Now, things changed. She had become the wife of the CEO, supporting Austin's career and working against him in the business world.

Aron drank three glasses of wine in a row. His face turned red and he didn't look good.

While drinking her beverage, Yolande didn't even look up, ignoring his gaze. Thinking about it now, she felt ridiculous about her old self that could not tell who was worthy of her devotion and who deserved her love. She had a slight attachment to Aron, which made him realize that he was even more rude to her.

Fortunately, now she understood and her inner feelings.

Seeing the man she had loved for more than 10 years, she only felt that it was a matter of her previous life. Yolande seeing him, there was no fluctuation in her heart. She could finally let go of the past and face it calmly.

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