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   Chapter 315 Looking At Her With New Eyes

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That night, Yolande stayed with Austin very late. Austin drove her back.

"Health is the most important. Go back and take a shower and have a sleep." Reluctantly, she pointed at the other bed in the ward.

"I can sleep here." She leaned her head on the man's shoulder.

As she looked at this man's pale face day by day, her heart was constantly shrouded in fear, and she was afraid that day would come too soon. Yolande wanted to stay by his side as long as possible.

The man frowned and looked at the bed which was very close to his bed. "It's comfortable to sleep at home, different from the hospital."

"Okay." Her hair was scattered on his chest, and a fragrance pervaded the ward.

"Go back. I'm fine. I won't die." His eyes and brows were dim, but his eyes were firm.

She stood up and looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I'm leaving now."

"Okay." He closed his eyes.

Looking at the handsome face of Austin, Yolande felt a pang of pain in her heart.

"Austin Why do you like me? "

The man opened his eyes slightly and looked at the woman standing on the ground. "What?"

"What do you love about me? Why did you fall in love with me at that time? "

Somehow, she just wanted to ask him why he fell in love with her. At that time, she was very ordinary, standing in the crowd would be drowned.

Her relationship with Aron was just an ordinary couple.

She wasn't beautiful, nor was she the campus Belle, nor was she versatile. She was not only good at study, but also got scholarship. The rest were just ordinary.

"You are different from others." He stared at her with his deep and bottomless eyes.

She was stunned. She was different from others. She was very ordinary, just like many girls.

"You don't need any special reason to love someone. Go back quickly."

She looked at him deeply. "Have a rest. I'm leaving now."


The door of the ward slammed shut, and the woman's slender figure disappeared at the door. The cold ward suddenly becam

ce. Well, Yolande, no matter how powerful you are, you have to rely on Mr. Austin, who has a large family fortune. Without him, I don't believe that a sparrow can fly into the sky and become a Phoenix.

A sly smile appeared on Sunny's face. She had never been so happy these days.

Yolande deserved it. You will be a widow soon, won't you? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Sunny firmly believed that Austin had recovered. When he died of illness and there was no one behind Yolande, she would make her life a living hell. Yolande sent his mother to prison and sentenced her to death. She would get even with him anyway.

When Aron returned to the company, there were several piles of documents on his desk, all of which were client's information, project plan, and the main accounts of the company. He looked through them one by one, and didn't sign and sign all the documents until noon.

At noon, Aron received a notice from his secretary that there was an important dinner party in the afternoon. He blurted it out unconsciously.

"Will Mrs. Yolande attend?"

The secretary was stunned. "Yes, Mrs. Yolande is on the list."

He came back to his senses and realized what he had said. He was shocked at first and agreed casually. "Mrs. Yolande is very serious about her work. Many companies want to cooperate with her company."

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