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   Chapter 309 You Don’t Love Me Anymore

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Updated: 2020-06-28 00:13

A trace of disgust appeared on Aron's face. He tried his best to hold back his disgust with the woman in front of him. "Treatment is important." He said lightly. He called the local psychiatrist to give her a check-up.

She glared at her husband who was sitting in front of her but felt strange. She knew better than anyone else that her mental condition was normal and she was not sick at all.

"Have a check-up. I'll go to the hospital with you tomorrow." After saying that, he stood up and was about to go back to the company.

Sunny grabbed his arm. "Honey, don't leave. Stay with me." Aron pushed her hand away and said calmly.

"I'm very busy with the business in the company. I have to go back and deal with it." Not waiting for the woman behind to reply, he left at a great pace.

"Aron, don't you love me anymore? Am I right? " Sunny stopped questioning as he closed the door. With a suit on his arm, he walked to the car, put on the suit and opened the door to the driver's seat.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and looked dejected. He had been disgusted with his villa. On the contrary, he didn't want to go home and see that crazy woman who always talked nonsense.

Aron touched his forehead, lit a cigarette in the car, took a deep drag and blew out a cloud of smoke.

The vows he had made to her had gone with the wind, and his love for Sunny had become thinner and thinner.

When he came back home, he first saw a woman with messy hair and a sad expression on her face, which made Aron lose his interest.

He found that his wife was so ugly, and the indescribable aversion sprang up. When they slept in the same bed, Aron didn't hold her in his arms and sleep with her as before.

He turned around and fell asleep. When she pounced on him, Aron found an excuse to push her away.

In the past, she was beautiful, pure and kind in his eyes. Now, even if he took one more look at that woman, he would dislike her.

Aron finished a cigarette and started the car to go back to the company.

On the second day, he made an appointment with a psychiatrist and took Sunny to t

ve slept for a long time. If you don't wake up, I will cry." She buried her head in his chest and acted like a spoiled child.

The man's fingers stroked her smooth hair, and his fingers reached into her hair. The fragrance of her body made him greedy. They used to be ordinary friends. He wanted to get close to this woman, but he couldn't.

Now, their relationship had changed, but he couldn't hold her tightly, hold her in his hands and take care of her for a lifetime because of the pain.

"Yolande, help me sit up."

The woman stood up straight, her soft hair hanging on her back, her eyes red, and her eyes full of affection. "How do you feel?"

"Yes, I feel much better after sleeping for so long." He said.

A hint of joy flashed through her eyes, and she smiled through tears. "Okay, get better."

He tried his best to hide his sadness and nodded.

Yolande helped him sit up and sat down on the chair. "What do you want to eat?"


"How about porridge?"


Yolande went downstairs and bought some hot porridge. When she returned to the ward, she put a spoon beside her mouth to cool it down, fed it to Austin, and wiped the corner of his mouth with tissue from time to time.

"Yolande, you must be very tired these days." Carlos sighed.

She had always been independent since she was a child, and it was the first time that she had been taken care of like this.

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