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   Chapter 307 Take Back The Su Mansion

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After Wendy's execution, the house of the Su Family had been empty. The housekeeper and servants had run away, and the servants had stolen the gold and silver jewelry that Wendy used before.

Yolande asked someone to change the lock in and out of the Su mansion and get a new key.

The villa of the Su Family covered an area of seven hundred square meters. The environment was quiet and the location was expensive. There was a large supermarket one hundred meters from the left, and a restaurant next to the supermarket. Yolande often went to that restaurant for dinner when she was a child.

Yolande took the key to open the door. Her high-heeled shoes hit the wooden floor with a crisp sound, and the mahjong on the round table was thrown randomly. There were also mahjong on the floor. She sneered.

This stepmother had always been fond of playing mahjong. Even the place where she was taken away by the police was on the mahjong table.

Yolande made a phone call and asked several assistants to come over. From now on, she would take charge of the house of the Su Family. Yolande went to check the property ownership certificate of the villa of the Su Family. The house was originally under her father's name, and then transferred to her.

She sighed deeply. Her shrewd father must have been wary of the mother and daughter, so he gave her the property and the company of the Su Family. However, her father had passed away, and her guess could not be confirmed.

She sat on a long sofa and looked at the familiar furnishings in front of her. The sunshine was warm on the glass. She opened the curtain and the sunshine was reflected on the wooden floor.

Yolande walked around the house of the Su Family, but didn't see her father's portrait. He couldn't help but sneer. How could they offer up her portrait since they were eager to see her father die.

"Mrs. Yolande, what can I do for you?"

After a while, several assistants arrived with great respect.

She looked around, including the dining table, several sofa, several famous paintings on the wall, and a small round table for leisure and entertainment. "Take this round table away. Throw away all the mahjong."

"Yes, Mrs. Yolande."

Several men picked up the mahjong and mov

left her eighty percent of the heritage?

Yolande asked her assistant to throw the pile of things out.

He didn't finish his work until night. "Thank you for your hard work. Let's go to have dinner."

"Well, Mrs. Yolande, we are leaving now."

Yolande nodded and the others dispersed.

She sat alone in the living room for a while, ate something simple in the restaurant she used to go to when she was a child, and drove to the private hospital.

When she returned to the hospital, it was already dark. Austin was asleep. She sat beside his bed and fixed her eyes on the sleeping man. Dr. Warren said that he fell asleep longer and longer.

She lay on the edge of his bed and closed her eyes tiredly. He had lost weight and his handsome face had no flesh. Austin had always been thin, and now he was even skinny. She held her hand lovingly, letting tears fall down her cheeks.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Austin woke up. He checked his head slightly. Under the dim light, the woman put her head on her arm, and the other arm hugged his arm and fell asleep. Her eyelashes quivered slightly, and there were several dried tears on her face.

The man's affectionate eyes were fixed on the woman's tired face. She should be very tired. He didn't dare to move. He was afraid to wake up the fragrant woman sleeping beside him.

She went to her father's cemetery.

She provided evidence to the police and sent Wendy to jail.

Austin felt heartbroken that he couldn't keep her company.

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