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   Chapter 306 Doubt Her

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Seeing Brian leave, Sunny didn't let down her guard. "Why did he call you?"

Sunny frowned and looked worried. Noticing her unusual expression, Aron also felt unhappy.

"You seem to care about him very much?"

"No No. " Sunny shook her head in a hurry and kept silent with her head down.

Aron gave his wife a suspicious look and said nothing. Aron stood up, put on his suit and reached out his hand to Sunny. She was stunned. "What?"

"Don't you want to go out for a walk?" Only then did she realize that she had put her little hand on his broad hand and he pulled her up.

"Let's go."

She curled up in his arms happily. Aron put his arms around her shoulders and went out with her.

It was very noisy on the road. The community of Aron's villa was located at a high price. The road could be seen at a glance. The hotel across the street was five star hotel, which was not quiet.

"It's so noisy. Let's go over there." She just wanted to stay with Aron quietly.

There were almost no pedestrians on this road. It was very quiet and there were no cars. Aron remembered that day when Sunny was arrested, the top Cayenne of Austin appeared nearby, and Yolande walked around and drove away.

He had always hated that woman and thought she was a vicious woman.

Recently, these things happened, his mind became more and more confused. What Yolande said was all false, but the evidence of Wendy's murder was irrefutable. It proved that what she said was not completely false.

He turned his head and looked at Sunny who was leaning in his arms. With a smile in her eyes, she leaned her head on his shoulder and enjoyed walking.

The doubt in his heart grew bigger and bigger.

Wendy, his mother-in-law, killed her husband. Sunny was Wendy's daughter, Sunny's mother killed her biological father for the family property.

It was a blow to any normal woman. However, Sunny didn't show much sadness on her face. Instead, she became more and more dependent on him.

"Aron, I

s. Jane were all there. The three of them turned around and saw the anxious look on Yolande's face. She walked over and saw the man with a pale face on the bed. "How is he?"

"Mrs. Yolande, Mr. Austin's physical signs have returned to normal." Dr. Warren said with a medical record in his hand.

"That's good." She breathed a sigh of relief.

Jane looked at her daughter-in-law lovingly. In the past, she didn't have much contact with Yolande. She just knew something about her past. Since Austin was hospitalized, Yolande had taken good care of him. She didn't look worried at all. She was innocent and kind-hearted, and was very good to her son, but Jane liked her more and more.

"Slow down. You must be tired." A kind smile appeared on Jane's delicate face, which warmed Yolande's heart.

"Well, I'm just worried..." Her voice was low.

"Yolande, come and sit here." Austin stretched out his morbid palm.

After casting a glance at Mr. Mark and Mrs. Jane, Yolande slowly walked towards his bed.

With the medical record in his hand, Dr. Warren left after giving some instructions. Sitting on the armchair, Mark looked at the two young men kindly.

He thought Yolande was a kind and honest daughter-in-law.

In her mind, Mark had a plan to help her in her career. They had already regarded her as a family.

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