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   Chapter 305 The Only Backer

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"You can go in now. I'll wait for you outside." Aron turned around and said.

She pouted and looked wronged. "Honey, aren't you going upstairs with me?"

"No, I'll wait for you in the car. You two can have a good talk."

Seeing that he didn't want to go upstairs with her, Sunny didn't force him anymore and went upstairs with the lunch box.

Aron sat on the driver's seat, lit a cigarette and smoked silently.

"Who is it?"

"I'm here to visit my mother, Wendy."

"Mrs. Sunny, this way please."

A few minutes later, Wendy came in with two policewomen supporting her with handcuffs.

"Mom..." Sunny stood up and walked towards her mother.

"Sir, I have made some food for my mother. Can you unlock her handcuffs?"

The two policewomen looked at each other and said nothing. They unlocked the handcuffs with the key. "An hour." After saying that, she walked away in her high heels.

"Mom, waah... Waah..." Sunny held her mother and cried.

"My dear daughter, don't cry. I'm getting old and will die sooner or later, but you are still young." She patted her daughter on the back.

Her expensive and delicate dress had already gone. Wendy was wearing a criminal uniform, her hair in a mess, and her expression was dim.

Sunny wiped her tears. "Mom, I asked the servant to cook your favorite dishes."

Wendy looked at her daughter lovingly. "My daughter, promise me to live a good life."

"Mother, Yolande won't let me go." She shook her head desperately with a pale face.

"Then kill her." Wendy's eyes were full of murderous will.

Sunny was stunned for a while before she uttered a word. "Okay."

Sunny opened the lunch box and took out the food, while Wendy gulped it down. There was no food in the prison, and she was used to the delicacies. The food in the prison was simply not for people to eat. If she was not too hungry, she would not eat.

Fortunately, after eating the dishes sent by her daughter, she could set out with satisfaction.

"Mom I'm sorry. " Sunny lowered her head and felt a sharp pain in her hea

ther is here. Let's go for a walk later." Said Aron.

She leaned her head on Aron's shoulder, giggling, and her eyes were unfocused. Seeing that Brian was sitting in the living room of her own house, she was flustered and helpless. Brian seldom came to Aron's villa, and the two brothers had never been in touch with each other. The sudden appearance of Brian made Sunny feel bad.

"What brings you here?"

"Well, do I have to find something to talk to my brother?" Brian took a sip of tea, looking indifferent.

"I didn't mean that. But you have never been close to Aron. " She replied in a hurry, and Brian's face suddenly turned very bad.

He was furious and deeply suspected that something was wrong with Sunny's brain. What was this crazy woman talking about? Are you afraid that I will expose her.

"Ha ha..." Brian sneered.

"Sunny, go upstairs and have a rest. Be good." Aron rubbed her hair and said patiently.

"Honey, I've been sleeping for the whole afternoon. I don't want to sleep any more." She threw herself into his arms and acted like a spoiled child.

Brian crossed his legs and looked at the couple with interest.


"I'll go to your company another day. Bye." Without waiting for Aron's answer, Brian stood up and strode towards the door. If he stayed here for another minute, he would be disgusted by that woman, Sunny.

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