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   Chapter 302 Interrogation Room

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Sunny and Wendy were taken to the interrogation room at the same time: one for each, and the two were interrogated separately.

"Aron where are you? Come and save me. " Sunny shivered, her hands roasted by the iron chain, and her head was very low, almost curling up.


"Mrs. Sunny, you'd better admit your guilt."

"What crime? I did nothing." Sunny gritted her teeth. Thinking of her mother being caught with her, he wondered how she was now. Would Aron save the two of them?

"Where is my mother?" She raised her head timidly and looked at the two men in uniform in front of her, who looked unfriendly.

"He is interrogating you at the same time next door."

Her frail body trembled more violently. The interrogation room was dark, cold and wet, as if she was in prison. Sunny trembled with fear. "Please Let me go, okay? "

The two officials in the front exchanged glances with each other. A scornful smile appeared on her face.

She was The Second Lady of the Su Family, the wife of Aron and the wife of the Gu Family. She had always been spoiled and arrogant, wearing gold and silver. She was in the upper class and had seen a lot of things. How could she be so spineless that she was frightened like this just by an interrogation. He was as mad as a lunatic. How dare you kill my own father.

"You killed Mr. Ronald in order to misappropriate his property, right?"

"Tell me, how did you kill him?"

"No I didn't kill anyone! I didn't... " She shook her head and almost fell down from the chair. She looked so miserable as if she had just been released from a mental hospital.

Another slap.

Police roared. "Will you tell me or not?"

"I didn't! Boo... Hoo... " Sunny cried with fear.

Would Aron abandon her and let her live and die in the prison. She was afraid. A great sense of despair made her body tremble uncontrollably. She couldn't imagine what life meant to her after losing Aron's trust.

In the prison, her mobile phone and wallet were n

r in her eyes slowly disappeared. Her eyes went black and she fell on the bed. "Sunny, wake up Sunny... "

Aron rushed out and called the doctor. "Doctor, my wife fainted."

It was already in the evening when Sunny woke up. Aron was not here. With a blazing white bedside lamp on in the ward, she stared blankly at the white wall, and her mind went blank.

Her mother took the blame for her. She hurt her own mother.

Ronald was killed by her, and Wendy participated in the plan and drugged him. All these things were done by Sunny.

Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't expect this to happen!

She thought that no one would know that her father's death was a murder.

It was written on the medical record: sudden heart disease.

Sunny wiped her tears and took a deep breath. She wanted to see her mother.

Aron came in with a kettle. When he saw that Sunny had woken up, he showed a doting smile. He put the kettle on the cabinet.

He squatted down and held her hand. "Sunny, you wake up. You scared me to death. Do you know that?"

"Aron, I'm fine."

"I want to visit my mother."

Aron frowned with hesitation. He was worried about Sunny's health, but he couldn't say anything when he thought that Wendy was her mother.

"How about the day after tomorrow? I'll wait for you to recover."

Sunny nodded. "Okay."

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