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   Chapter 300 Disperse In One Go

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Several women who were playing cards turned pale with fright when they saw this. One of them reacted and quickly ran out, followed by others. It seemed that the Su Family was going to be over. Wouldn't they be implicated if they didn't go?

The man looked at Wendy who was lying on the ground limply and stared at her with his deep eyes. "You deserve it. Don't drag us into this."

The man turned around and followed the women out. "Police, can you let us go?"

"Go ahead." The policeman waved his hand. They disappeared in a flash. The house of the Su Family, surrounded by the police, was like a time bomb, making innocent people hide far away.

When the servants and housekeepers of the Su Family saw this, their faces turned white and they were at a loss. When they saw the hostess sitting on the ground, they knew it was almost over. It was important to protect themselves. If they could run, they would run away. She ran out of the door and was caught by the police.

"None of the servants and housekeepers of the Su Family can be spared." They might be in collusion.

Looking at the empty living room, her face was pale. Why was she caught?

The next second, several police rushed in and pulled up Wendy, who was lying on the ground. The police was very rude. She was shaking and could not stand stably. She saw the iron chain in the police's hand and was shocked. "What mistake did I make?" She asked with a pale face.

"Do you know this man?" A policeman in uniform took out a photo of Ronald and handed it to Wendy.

"He is my husband."

"It's good that you know it. Let's Grill it." Several people handcuffed her hands in succession. Wendy was unable to resist and stared at the cold handcuffs in a daze.

Her heart sank and she immediately understood what was going on. Yolande must have reported them to the police. She took back the property one after another and reported them to the police. That woman deliberately destroyed them. It didn't matter if she was sentenced to death in prison. What about Sunny? She was still very young. Should she be imprisoned in prison for many years, or should she get

e her. They got married, but they didn't have a day between husband and wife. She loved him. For so long, that man took care of her. She saw it in her eyes.

She wanted to be his wife and take care of him. Mona said, "in the past, Austin didn't have much contact with women except for work. Except for work, he seldom had contact with men. He must be very lonely in his heart. Yolande wanted to warm his lonely heart.

When Yolande walked to the door of Aron's villa and saw the open door to the living room, she stopped. Sitting on the armchair smoking, she just glanced at the Aron indifferently.

Aron was surprised to see Yolande. He pressed the cigarette in the ashtray and stood up with a long face.

"Are you satisfied now?"

"Not yet. How can I be satisfied? You haven't received any punishment for insulting me in the past." She raised her head and said aggressively.

Aron was stunned. He had never seen such an arrogant and confident Yolande. His eyes were full of disgust. His eyes were naturally revealing, not pretending.

"Did Sunny really kill someone?"

"Yes, for the property, cooperate with my stepmother and kill my biological father." Yolande said calmly.

"What if I don't believe it? Sunny is so kind and innocent. " He stared blankly at the calm woman in front of him. He didn't believe that the innocent and kind-hearted Sunny would be a murderer, which was unacceptable to Aron.

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