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   Chapter 299 Arrest

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When Jane pushed the door open, she saw that Yolande was lying on the waist of Austin. Their movements were very warm. It was rare for her son to have a happy smile on his pale face.

Over the years, he seldom smiled. He had never been overjoyed or sad, and his mood was calm. Jane understood that he just hadn't met the woman who made him forget all the troubles. Now, seeing her son so happy, as a mother, she was happy and sad.

Hearing the door creak, Yolande turned around and saw Jane standing at the door. She sat up straight as if she got an electric shock and hurriedly tidied up her clothes. Just now, when they were kissing, Austin held her too tightly that her clothes were accidentally messed up.

She smiled awkwardly at Jane and immediately turned her head red.

"Mom, why don't you knock at the door?"

"I'm sorry. I thought Yolande hasn't come back yet." Jane smiled apologetically.

Jane approached. "Son, eat something."


Yolande stood up and put Austin's diary into her bag. Then she made way for Jane to sit down. "Mona made some dishes for you and Yolande." She looked back at Yolande who was standing behind her.

"Yolande, you haven't eaten either, have you? It's one dollar."

"Thank you, auntie." Yolande felt a little embarrassed.

Jane found that this child was shy, but she had always been shy. "We are family. Yolande, don't be so polite."

"Ah... Okay. "

She took a chair and sat down next to Jane. Jane put several simple dishes on the counter and handed them to her son and daughter-in-law, one pair of chopsticks for each of them. At first, Austin wanted to act like a spoiled child and ask Yolande to feed him. His mother was present, so he had to give up the idea and picked up the chopsticks to eat.

Yolande also remembered his previous coquetry, "you feed me, and I don't have the strength to take chopsticks."

Looking at the man eating with chopsticks happily, she realized that, originally, this man was intentional.

Knowing that she loved Austin, Yolande knew who was the one who was really good to her and her family. Others: just do what you sho

The Gu Family was second only to the Lin Family in the Hanzhou City, so they couldn't afford to offend it.

Wendy was playing cards with several rich ladies in the living room of the Su Family's villa. Next to her sat a man with a temperament. The man held her waist with a smile, and his restless hands were everywhere.

"Don't... I'm playing cards... " Wendy glared at him.

"Your man behaved again." The women giggled.

Wendy smiled weakly and sighed. "My daughter is married, and only the other half is with her."

"You're right. A married daughter is like a spilled water." Several women echoed.

Oh, my God

When they were playing cards happily, a small alarm came to their ears from small to large, and Wendy frowned. "Where does the police come from?"

"Is this voice coming to your house?" A woman said.

"Don't talk nonsense." Wendy glared at the police car which was getting closer and closer. She was also nervous.

Four or five police cars stopped near the villa of the Su Family. The police cars in police uniforms surrounded the villa. Several women playing cards were frightened and their faces turned pale.

"Just surrender! Wendy, you have been surrounded."

Her face turned pale with fright and Wendy threw herself into the man's arms. "Honey, help me." The man pushed her away with disgust.

"What crime have you committed?"

"I I didn't. " She collapsed to the ground.

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