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   Chapter 298 A Kiss

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The light was a little harsh. She narrowed her eyes and waited for them to adapt to the light slowly before opening them.

She simply tidied up, put Austin's diary in her bag, and planned to take it to the hospital.

When Yolande went out, a gust of breeze blew in, cool and comfortable. The stars in the sky poked their heads out. She looked up at the stars in the sky, took a deep breath and walked towards the top Cayenne of Austin.

When they returned to the hospital, Yolande pushed the door open and walked in. Austin had already had an infusion. He had recovered a little and sat back on the bedside table. Seeing that Yolande had come back, a light flashed through his eyes.

"Mona said you went out in a hurry. What happened?"

"No." She put down her bag and sat down on the chair, as if she had some kind of mood, deliberately not looking at him.

The man was keenly aware of the change of the woman and frowned. "What's wrong?"

The woman threw herself into his arms, rested her head on his chest, and half of her body was lying on Austin's body. He stiffened and a strange look flashed through his eyes.

"You big fool!"

He could smell the fragrance of her body and felt disheartened. "Yolande..." He didn't know what the woman wanted to say.

After hugging him for a long time, Yolande reluctantly let go of the man and took out the black leather diary from her bag. After a moment's pause, Austin understood what Yolande meant by saying that.

"I peeped at your diary. I've finished it." She pouted.

"Well..." Austin picked up the diary and looked at it. He was surprised that Yolande would go to read it. So she rushed out to read his diary because she realized something.

At first, Austin didn't intend to show her his mind. Anyway, he was going to die. He didn't think it was necessary. Unexpectedly, she saw the diary. His deep feelings for her for so many years were written in the diary and exposed in front of Yolande.

"Why do you want to see it?" There was no reproach, but only affectionate expression on his face.

"Do you have me in you

on her face.

Austin chuckled. "Well." His tone was indifferent. "No." He said lightly.


She was overjoyed. Austin gave the first kiss to her. It was meaningful for Yolande to know that. She lowered her head and smiled. Looking at the happy woman, Austin felt much better.

In the month of her high school graduation and summer vacation, they didn't meet each other every day. Austin either stayed at home to study, or went to the company with Mark to learn business and study project rebuilding, resource management and financial distribution.

Every time she met him, he would come to her. The two of them had dinner together. By chance, if she wanted a gift, Austin would buy it for her casually. The other party hinted the two to get a room, but he directly ignored it. Since he didn't feel the other party, he should not have physical contact. Austin believed that if a man couldn't fall in love with a woman, he shouldn't do something he shouldn't do.

"Well, so you are more experienced in kissing than me. I'm still a newcomer." He said it naturally, and Yolande's face flushed.

"You Humph! " She glared at her with a red face.

"So, do you still love Aron?" Although Austin knew it was not good to mention Aron, he was still worried.

"No. Austin, you trust me,"

"Well, I believe you. Call me husband from now on."

She glared at him with a red face.

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