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   Chapter 297 Falling In Love With Austin

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She vaguely felt that diary had something to do with her. Yolande started the car and drove towards the villa.

"Mona, where is Yolande?" Austin woke up and looked around, but didn't see Yolande. A touch of loss appeared in his heart.

"Mrs. Yolande went out. She seemed to have something urgent to deal with and left in a hurry." Mona said.


"Mr. Austin, have some food."

"I'll eat after Yolande comes." Austin said.

At the door, Jane shook her head helplessly. She didn't know what had happened to her son. All he thought about was Yolande. Jane pushed the door open. Mona stood up in a hurry. "Old lady."

Jane walked to the bedside with melancholy in her eyes. "Son, what do you want to eat?"

Austin waved his hand. "No, I'll wait for Yolande."

Jane sat down in front of his bed and held her son's hand, with tenderness in her eyes. Looking at his mother's haggard face, Austin felt a stabbing pain in his chest. He knew that his mother and Yolande hadn't had a good rest in the past few days when he was in the hospital.

"Mom, go back and have a rest."

"I'm fine. I'm not sleepy." Said Jane.

He held his mother's hand and felt an indescribable pain in his heart. He would rather bear all the pain himself than let his family suffer with him.

Jane looked at his pale face and her bright eyes were full of sadness. She could guess what her son wanted.

"I know you can't let her go."

She lowered her head and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief, trying to make her voice as calm as possible.

"In terms of life, your father and I will try our best to take care of her. Anyway, you are legally married." Jane held back her tears.


"Don't let Aron bully her." He said in a hoarse voice.

Austin withdrew his hand and put it on his chest. "My father is old. Take good care of him."

Jane wiped her tears with a handkerchief. "Son, there is still hope for your health. I hope you can be optimistic."

"I will."

Jane looked at her son on the bed and felt heartbroken as a

n't fall in love with me."

Turning page by page, Yolande's eyes were blurred and her face was covered with tears. The diary in black leather was very thick, and it was densely packed with her crying face and trembling shoulder. She buried her head into her knees and cried loudly, "waah... Waah Austin, you idiot... Big fool... I love you too... Boo... Hoo... "

After crying for a long time, she dried her tears, went to the bathroom to wash her face, simply made up her makeup, sat on the chair and carefully turned over the diary of Austin page by page. The delicate handwriting exuded a faint smell of ink, and the handwriting of Austin was delicate and good-looking. Her fingers rubbed through the front page, and her eyes were full of love.

Yes, she loved him.

In the past, Yolande tried her best to deny her love for him. Did Mr. Austin like her? That experience made Yolande feel that she was very bad. He was so considerate that Yolande could understand why Austin treated her so well because of his sympathy for her.

No matter how busy the man was, he would take her hand, take a walk with her and eat delicious food.

He never refused anything that Yolande liked.

She closed the diary, took a deep breath, and held it in her arms like a treasure. The sky slowly darkened, and the study became dark. Yolande turned on the light.

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