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   Chapter 296 Reading His Diary

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She tucked Austin in and looked at his perfect face.

Thump! Thump! Thump

"Come in." She whispered.

Dr. Warren pushed the door open and came in. He was wearing a white gown and looked serious. He walked to Austin's bedside, adjusted the infusion bottle, took out the stethoscope and listened to his heartbeat.

"Dr. Warren, how is he? Is it serious? "

"Alas..." Dr. Warren took back the stethoscope and looked at Austin who was sleeping soundly.

"You are so young. What a pity!"

Yolande's face suddenly turned pale and he was stunned in place. His head was pounding and he was dizzy. Is Austin getting better? She was unwilling to accept such cruel reality. When she came to her senses, Dr. Warren had pushed the door open and walked out.

She lay prone on his body in pain. She recalled the first time she saw him after divorce. When she woke up, she saw Austin standing in front of her bed.

"If you don't wake up, I will kiss you." A few years later, when they first met, he made such a joke on her.

He put his hands on her head and said weakly. "Yolande, don't cry. Your eyes won't be beautiful if they are swollen."

"Waah... Waah..."

His heart ached. He didn't expect that Yolande cared about him so much. "Well, don't cry. I'm fine."

Yolande stood up straight, wiped her tears with the back of her hand and took a deep breath. The man reached for the tissue on the bedside table with one hand, took out a few and handed them to Yolande.

"Use a tissue to wipe and make up." The man said dotingly.

Yolande took the tissue, wiped his face and sobbed.

"Promise me, don't cry any more." The man's eyes were full of pampering and domineering command.

She tilted her head and kept silent for a long time. "Promise me. I won't cry when you get better."

"Okay." He would do whatever she said. Although he didn't have the confidence to promise, he just wanted to try his best to comfort Yolande. She didn't know if she could get better.

"I'm thirsty. Drink some water." his lips were dry.

With half a glass of water in her hand, Yolande carefully helped Austin stand up and lean against the bedside table. She

de, please take care of yourself!" Mona looked at Yolande's red and swollen eyes with worry.

"Mona, I will."

Noticing that she was staring at Austin who was asleep, Mona felt relieved and sad. How happy Mrs. Yolande should be when Mr. Austin recovered. Mrs. Yolande should take Mr. Austin in her heart.

She suddenly thought of something and turned to Mona. "Mona, you take care of him first. I'm going out."

Before Mona could answer, Yolande had rushed out of the ward and walked towards the elevator. When she went downstairs and returned to her car, she held the steering wheel tightly and her heart beat fast. She remembered that she had just moved into the villa of the Lin Family and accidentally opened the diary of Austin. Now she wanted to read the diary and find out who was the person he fell in love with? Could it be her?

She was very nervous. If it weren't for her, what should she do? When she fell in love with someone, she was most worried that he didn't see her in his eyes.

Holding the steering wheel, Yolande didn't start the car for a long time. She was looking forward to it and nervous. Her eyes were fixed on the window of the private hospital. Austin told her that he had only been in a relationship with her for a month after graduating from high school. He didn't like her and then broke up with her.

She had never been in love before. The rose mentioned in her diary should be her, right?

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