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   Chapter 294 she was crazy

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"Why should I go out? I really regret that I was careless at that time. Why didn't I kill you, Yolande?" Her voice was loud and her eyes were full of malice. She approached Yolande step by step.

These days, she was in a daze, and fear occupied her heart. It even occurred to Sunny that she would be safe if Yolande was killed by someone.

However, his men had already gone. She couldn't get in touch with them on the phone, and she finally made a call to one of them.

"Save it, Mrs. Sunny. You are almost insane. How dare you hit others?" The man said sarcastically.

She trembled with anger and threw the phone out. The new phone that Aron had just bought for her was broken into pieces. Sunny was in a desperate situation. She held her head in despair. The fear of being abandoned spread in her blood.

She found out the private hospital where Austin was in on the Internet and planned to make a scene.

Yolande took a step back and stood still. "Fortunately, you didn't kill me. Otherwise, wouldn't it be harmful to the society to let a scourge like you get away with law?" She was very calm without any anger on her face.

Sunny's face was ghastly pale, and her chest heaved violently. The ferocious light in her eyes was like a sharp sword. However, this sharp sword did not work on Yolande. She was very calm.

Suddenly, she knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Yolande one after another. "Please don't let Aron leave me. I can't live without her."

Facing the moody Sunny, she wanted to throw up, but refrained herself. "What does it have to do with me? Keep an eye on your man. " She sneered coldly, unmoved by Sunny's crazy kowtow.

"If you don't expose me, he won't leave me." With her hands on the floor, Sunny bent down. Austin looked at the woman kneeling on the ground with a pale face, and his chest was burning with anger. He checked his head and didn't want to see her. He felt sick.

"No way! If you do

olande gently patted his back and pulled out a piece of tissue to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Big teardrops fell uncontrollably. He felt as if a knife were piercing his heart. Looking at the woman he loved crying, he could do nothing.

Dr. Warren walked in quickly. Yolande helped Austin lie down. Dr. Warren walked up to him and examined him. His face was serious. Several nurses followed her in.

"Hurry up. Send her to the emergency room."

Within a few seconds, Austin was pushed to the emergency room and the door of the emergency room was slowly closed. With tears on her face, Yolande rushed back to the ward, kicked the woman on the ground a few times, and threw a cup of warm water together with the cup towards Sunny.

"I will tell Aron that you killed his father, killed your own father, and bumped into me in a wrong way."

"I will show him the video of you having sex with the middle-aged man and tell him that the child is not his at all."

"I will show him the check-in records of you and Albert and tell him how you framed me."

"I will make him suffer. He has to pay for what he has done to me." Yolande almost roared, tears streaming down. Outside the ward, Jane sat in the long corridor, silently shedding tears.

"Get out! Do you hear me?"

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