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   Chapter 290 I Believe You

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Noble schools were competitive and had many outstanding students. Of course, there were also people who got in through their parents' power. Mark was very strict in this respect.

Study is your own business. I won't use my relationship to help you with your study.

You can decide your future academic performance by yourself. If you can't get into the college, you have to find a way by yourself. As my son, of course you have the right to inherit my family business. But I will focus on your ability. If you can't support the family business, I won't give it to you.

As your father, I don't mind you being an ordinary person.

Of course, if you have any idea and dream, I will fully support you. Wait, I'll be surpassed by you one day.

Austin came from a rich family. Everyone envied him for his identity as Mr. Austin. However, she had learnt from her father's education since childhood. She was hardworking and had made a future plan very early.

In high school, many students in their class chased after girls crazily and fell in love with them.

Only he focused on his study.

He had pursued her for three years. He didn't like her, but it was useless to refuse her. He firmly believed that as long as she was with him, one day, Austin would fall in love with her.

After graduating from high school, Austin went to the most famous university. But she had only been admitted to an ordinary university. She began to feel inferior. The man she liked was getting better and better, but she couldn't keep up with him.

Austin was soft-hearted and agreed to spend some time with her, and the two of them established a romantic relationship, and a month later, when he realized that he did not like her, he confessed to each other, apologized and proposed to break up. He flew to another city for college and never contacted her again.

In the University, he fell in love with Yolande at first sight. From then on, he only cared about the woman with long hair hanging down her shoulders and innocent eyes.

If he cared too much about a person, he would become cautious. Over the years, he had thought about fighting for it, but he h

she almost burst into tears. She didn't know if this man was stupid or not. She was so seriously ill. And he arranged everything so well.

"You take care of yourself first. We'll talk about other things later." She sobbed.


She raised her arm and wiped her tears. "I don't want the company. I just hope you can get better soon." His voice was gentle and nasal.

"Silly girl, what are you talking about? It's your father's painstaking efforts." The man's tone was not reproachful, but full of affection.

"Then promise me that you will teach me how to manage the company." She took his hand and lifted her foggy eyes, looking at him expectantly and nervously. It seemed that she was waiting for an important promise from him.

"Okay, I promise you." Austin said bitterly. He was afraid that he couldn't make the promise to her.

"Don't go back on your words." She said domineeringly.

The man got closer and lowered his voice. "Will you agree to be my woman when I recover?"

She blushed and knew what the man was talking about. "Why don't you say anything? I have promised you. Don't you promise me?"

He continued to tease her. Yolande's face turned redder and she lowered her head. "I... I promise you. " Her voice was as small as a mosquito.

Austin heard every word clearly.

"It's a deal."

Yolande was flustered. She couldn't touch it. Austin was joking with her, but he was telling the truth.

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