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   Chapter 253 Am I Beautiful

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Yolande put on a light yellow dress with a sandy scarf around her neck and long hair. She looked fresh and elegant at first glance.

After she divorced with Aron, her life and her whole body had changed a lot. Her figure became more and more exquisite, and her every move revealed an extraordinary temperament. She had thought that her life would be a pool of stagnant water and lifeless without Aron. Later, she realized that it was a right choice to leave a person who didn't love her for a long time.

Yolande walked on the floor of the living room, recalling all kinds of previous scenes. Austin sat on the sofa and read the news. Sometimes he looked like Aron, and she would think of Aron from time to time.

"Austin, do you think this suit suits me?" Yolande walked up to Austin and asked.

"It's very beautiful. In my eyes, you don't wear any makeup and you look very beautiful in simple clothes." Austin put down the newspaper and stared at her.

With a shy smile, Yolande looked down at the corner of her dress, walked to the floor mirror and circled around. She thought it was beautiful too.

She put her bag on her shoulder and smiled at herself in the mirror.

"Are all men so fond of sweet words?" Yolande looked back at Austin in front of the mirror and asked.

"Honey words. I'm telling the truth. Yolande, you're the most beautiful woman in my eyes." The man looked affectionately at the woman in front of him.

"I don't believe it." Yolande curled her lips.

When he was with Aron, he seemed to be good at sweet words, coaxing the innocent and ignorant Yolande very happy. How could she have thought that after being framed by Sunny, Aron would not listen to her explanation at all. Oh, a man who said sweet words to her.

"I don't believe it," she said scornfully, glaring at Austin.

He strode to her and asked, "how can I make you believe me?"

Austin got closer to her, and his warm breat

it on her shoulder and opened the door to get off.

At the dinner, many people toasted to her one after another, but Yolande refused, "I drove here by myself. I can't drink."

"Mrs. Yolande, doesn't Mr. Austin come with you?" An old man of more than 30 years old showed a beautiful smile on his handsome face.

"He has something else to do. I'll drive here by myself." Said Yolande with a smile.

Everyone nodded and looked at her with respect. All the old directors present at the dinner table were people Austin knew, or previous partners, mentioned Mr. Austin, and all praised him for his young, promising and talented. Even if Austin wasn't there, they respected Yolande when they saw her.

"Mrs. Yolande, please have a taste of this dish." A man with shiny hair pushed a dish that Yolande had never eaten in front of her. She smiled shyly and took a bite with chopsticks. "It tastes good."

"Come on, let's eat."

Yolande took a few drinks and ate a piece of chicken. The dinner was very boring. Most of the people who came to attend the dinner were men. They drank, clinked glasses and chatted. Yolande had nothing in common with them, so she had to eat silently and planned to leave halfway.

Everyone was talking and laughing. Yolande felt bored and had to eat.

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