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   Chapter 231 Bray Was Very Angry

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After the abortion, Sunny had a good rest at home. Aron doted on her and asked the servants to cook a lot of food that could nourish her body every day. After a few days of rest and the careful care of Aron, Sunny's body recovered a lot.

"Honey, how are you feeling?"

"Aron, I feel much better. Thank you."

After drinking the soup, Sunny put down the bowl and went into Aron's arms. The man gently stroked her back.

"Honey, our baby is gone. He hasn't been born yet Just... It's all my fault. " Sunny choked with sobs.

Aron felt a stabbing pain in his heart. The child was gone, as if an important part of his body had been cut off by someone, which was very painful. 'Yolande, you bitch, just wait and see. I won't let you go. You have to pay your debt with blood.'.

"Sunny, I will avenge for our child." Aron said gloomily.

Sunny was very happy. Wasn't this the result she wanted? It would be best if she slandered that woman Yolande in front of Aron.

"Waah... Waah Honey, I'm sorry. Waah... Waah... "

She cried in his arms and pretended to be very sad. Holding Sunny in his arms, Aron was almost heartbroken. In the past few days, she had been very unstable. She often cried and muttered to herself. She cried at least three to four times a day, crying and chattering. My child was gone, and I'm sorry for you.

Seeing Sunny like this, Aron felt very sad. Sunny cared so much about the baby in her belly. Why was the fate so unfair?

He hated Yolande even more. He wanted to kill her thousands of times.

"Sunny, listen to me. We will have another child in the future!"

He held her face carefully and lovingly like holding precious jade. With tearful eyes, Sunny nodded.

"Yes, honey, you are right." Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.

He gently wiped the tears on her face and touched her smooth skin with his fingers. His eyes were full of pity.

layer! "

Memories emerged. Every word Aron said was deeply engraved in her heart. Every time she thought of it, she still felt very sad.

Lying on the chair at the desk, Yolande closed her eyes slightly and felt a little tired.

The employees of the company continued to work. She was lying in the chair, recalling the past, and a little bit of pain was in the heart. She had tried hard to forget Aron, and felt a pain in her chest from time to time.

Thump! Thump! Thump

Yolande was awakened by several knocks on the door and found that she was asleep. Her saliva flowed into her collar and wiped it with her arm.

"Who?" There was a knock on the door after work. She was a little alert.

"Yolande, it's me, Austin."

"Oh, come in." With her eyelids drooping, Yolande felt so sleepy. She yawned.

Austin pushed the door open and stared at her. "Are you asleep?"

"Okay," said Yolande, tidying up the messy documents on the desk.

"Yolande... We will meet many detractors whose purpose is only to detract from us. As for our true appearance, they just don't want to understand it. " Austin awkwardly comforted the absent-minded woman in front of him. He just didn't know how to comfort her. He had always been at a loss when facing her!

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