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   Chapter 225 Abortion

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Not knowing how long Sunny had slept, Sunny was in a daze. Aron came in, lifted the quilt and got in, hugging her from behind.

"Honey, I'm back."

"Okay, go to sleep." She said lightly.

Aron held Sunny his arms and felt guilty. Because he was so angry during the day, he would say such cruel words. He blurted out and even he himself was stunned.

"Sunny... I'm sorry! " He whispered in Sunny's ear. At the thought of her crying face, Aron felt sorry for her.

Aron got up early and made breakfast for Sunny, including cheese omelette, steamed buns and a bowl of porridge. Sunny yawned and went downstairs with the help of the spiral staircase. Aron, wearing an apron, carried a dish to the table.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes, I had a good sleep." Sunny lowered her eyelids and felt a little tired.

"You don't look good!" Aron looked worried and stared at Sunny's face.

"Oh... I'm fine. " She said vaguely.

The breakfast was ready. Aron sat down, poured himself a glass of milk, drank half of it and took a bite of cheese egg cake. It seemed that Sunny had a mouthful of porridge, which made her feel sick. She covered her mouth and tested her head.

Sunny didn't know that pregnancy was so hard before. She threw up and ate again. She felt sick and nauseated from time to time, unable to eat anything. She often felt sleepy and emotionally unstable.

"Honey, what's wrong?"

"It's disgusting. I don't want to eat any more." She mumbled.

"Honey, eat this bowl of porridge. How can you not eat it?"

Aron picked up the bowl of porridge and blew it gently to his lips. "Open your mouth."

He fed her one mouthful after another, which made Sunny feel sweet in her heart. Well, she didn't doubt that, of course, he only loved her.

After breakfast, Aron went back to the company. Sunny lay on the sofa idly browsing through the boring TV channel. The servant went out to buy food, but the housekeeper was not there. Only Sunny was left in the villa.

She turned off the TV and searched online

stared at her breasts with an ambiguous look.

Hearing that, Yolande's face turned red. It didn't smell good at all. She just washed the tea and smelt the fragrance of shampoo and body wash.

"You... Turn around. Don't stare at me like that. " She said with a red face, With a smile on his face, Austin said seriously, "since you don't want me to go back to the company, then do the financial calculation for me."


The man stared at her and didn't want to let her go. "Yolande, why are you so beautiful?"

"Ah... I don't know what you are talking about. " The woman in his arms blinked and looked at him.

She held Austin's car key tightly. Austin turned his head and looked at the woman's tightly clenched hands. A faint smile appeared on his face, She didn't dare to look Austin in the eye. Her heart was pounding. She just hoped that the handsome [非凡] face in front of her would not rely on her for too long.

"You... If you don't get up, how can I help you with the financial analysis? " Yolande stuttered..

"I like to look at you like this!" The man said overbearingly.

Her face flushed and her heart was pounding. She lowered her head slightly.

He looked at her beautiful face unscrupulously, as if he would never see enough. Being stared at by such a handsome man and getting so close to him, Yolande blushed!

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