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   Chapter 218 Go Out To Nourish The Fetus 2

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Austin got dressed neatly and bent down to change his shoes. Mona ran out in a hurry. "Mr. Austin, where are we going?"

"Mona, I'm going to the company."

"What a naughty girl! You should go out to work before you recover!" Mona couldn't help nagging.

"Mona, I'm much better now. Don't worry."

As soon as he finished speaking, a loud slam of the door was heard. Austin's slender body disappeared from the door. Mona sighed helplessly and turned back to the kitchen.

Yolande ran to the door and opened it. Seeing that Austin's slender figure was farther and farther away, she saw him get on her car. Worried that he would look back, Yolande quickly closed the door.

She leaned against the door, her mind mixed with five tastes, and she did not know what had happened. The closer she got to Austin, the more uncontrollable her heart was. She had an impulse to get close to him.

After she divorced with Aron, she was desperate. Then she had a serious car accident. She was on the verge of death. And the person who wanted to kill her was his own sister! A series of blows made her life dark.

Yolande had thought that after cooperating with Austin for revenge, she would go far away from this city, which had nothing to do with her, and find a place where no one knew her for the rest of her life.

Now, thinking of what she had thought before, she felt a little reluctant to leave. Mr. Austin treated her so well that she had the courage to face life again. Yolande found that she was more and more attached to Austin.

Well, he won't like a woman like me, will he. She had been married and divorced! She had a bad reputation!

She shook her head and told herself not to think about anything. Austin was her best friend. After tidying up her clothes, Yolande went to the kitchen to help Mona cook.

"Honey, you've worked so hard for our baby!"

Curling up in Aron's arms, Sunny closed her eyes and took a nap. She looked lazy, and the sun was shining on her thighs.

Aron held Sunny in his arms.

Her heart sank, and she suddenly f

y when she was pregnant?

The servant was about to turn around and said, "don't call Aron. Let him deal with his business. I don't care."

"Yes, Mrs. Sunny."

The servant closed the window and said, "Mrs. Sunny, it's windy outside. Don't catch a cold."

Sunny took out a tissue and wiped her face randomly. The shadow of her eyes melted around her eyes. She sniffed and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. She reached out and touched the baby in her belly, with a resentful expression on her face.

Her eyes were determined, as if she had made up her mind. She couldn't give birth to this baby. She was afraid that she would abuse the baby in her belly uncontrollably in the future. Sunny wanted to be a good mother on the premise that the child would come aboveboard. She couldn't keep this bastard!

Sunny washed her face in the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror with her hands supporting the sink. The face in the mirror was very haggard, and his eyes were full of exhaustion.

She couldn't go on like this, or she would go crazy!

Sunny came to the study, where Aron was sitting at the desk and typing on the keyboard. "Sunny, you're here. I'll finish my work soon."

"Honey, I have something to discuss with you."

"Okay. I'll tell you when I'm done. "

After crying, she felt much better. Sunny looked calm and fixed her eyes on Aron.

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