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   Chapter 215 Go To The Hospital For Examination

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Aron looking at the sleepy Sunny in front of him, seeing him go home, she leaned over without saying anything. He felt guilty. It was hard to balance work and family. He was too busy.

"Go to sleep if you are sleepy." Her voice was soft and her head was silent.

Sunny raised her head and stared at Aron's face. Her eyes were slightly red. "Honey, you're thinner!"

He grabbed her wrist and held it in his hand, frowning. Only then did Aron find that Sunny looked terrible and her eyes were full of tiredness.

"What's wrong with you? Sunny! "

Sunny muttered, "waah... Waah..." Without saying a word, she began to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Aron patted her back gently and wiped the tears off his face.

"Did Yolande bully you again?"

Hearing Aron's question, Sunny rolled her eyes. Well, since he asked, she had to climb up the pole. She had been idle at home for some time and had nothing to do. Recalling the past, she was very upset.

Why was Yolande still alive? She was too careless to let that bitch Yolande get away with it. Sunny thought she was a loser.

"Waah... Waah She just called and scolded me for a while. " Sunny pretended to be aggrieved with red eyes.

"What did she say?" Aron said gloomily.

Sunny raised her eyebrows and carefully looked at Aron's face. "My sister said, it's a shame for her to have a sister like me."

Aron held Sunny in his arms and stroked her hair lovingly, "good girl, don't cry."

"Honey, I feel weak these days. I don't want to eat anything."

"Well, what's wrong with you?"

He stared at Sunny with a serious look and said worriedly, "I don't know..."

"I'll take you to the hospital tomorrow," said Aron.

The next morning

Instead of going to the company, Aron drove Sunny to the hospital for an examination. On the way, she clenched her fists and felt uneasy. Sunny prayed silently, hoping that she was not pregnant.

"Sunny, relax. It's not a big deal." Aron held the steering wheel, turne

yes, the beautiful face of the little girl was very angry. She didn't want to hear every word the nurse said.

"Mrs. Sunny, nausea and vomiting are normal reactions during pregnancy. Don't worry too much. "

Hearing that Sunny was pregnant, Aron was very happy. "Sunny, we finally have our own child after half a year of marriage!"

Seeing that Sunny was absent-minded, Aron frowned and said, "you are the mother of the child. Aren't you happy?"

"No, I'm happy, honey." Sunny forced a smile.

"Well, honey, this is the fruit of our love."

Aron looked happy. He was going to be a father. The mother of his child was the woman he loved most. Aron suddenly felt that the previous unhappiness and trouble were nothing, and his family happiness was the most important.

"Sunny, thank you. I will try my best not to work overtime in the future and come back to accompany you and our child." Aron said affectionately.

The nurse next to them looked at Sunny with admiration when she saw the love between Mr. Aron and his wife.

"Honey, I will take good care of myself."

Aron prescribed several sets of medicine for nourishing the fetus, some calcium pills for health care during pregnancy, and returned to Sunny happily with a pile of things.

"Sunny, let's go home."

"Okay." Sunny was stunned and replied.

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