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   Chapter 213 Very Drowsy

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She lay in the chair and took a rest. It was ten o'clock, but Austin didn't come to the study. She frowned. It seemed that Mr. Aron really trusted her.

Yolande planned to wash up and go to bed, but stopped in front of the door of Austin's room.

Thump! Thump! Thump

She knocked on the door two times. "Austin... Are you asleep? "

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was pushed open. A perfect carved face of Austin appeared in front of her. His face was wet and smooth. When she looked carefully, she found that his hair was wet and a few of them were stuck to his forehead. She looked down and found that She was wearing a bathrobe.

"Nothing... I'm here to ask if you have slept or not. How are you feeling now? "

Yolande looked away and stared at the wall in the bedroom. "Yes, much better."

She looked at Austin's face and felt a little relieved. Austin's face wasn't as pale as it was when he spat out blood. Instead, his face became a little ruddy.

"Have you finished your work?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, I'm done."

The woman yawned and said, "I'm so sleepy. I'm going to bed. Take care."

The woman turned around and walked towards the bathroom wearily. He didn't close the door until he saw her enter the bathroom.

Sitting on the bed, Austin stared at the white wall with a myriad of thoughts in his mind. Yolande cared about him. With a wry smile, Austin lowered his head sadly.

"Where are you going?"

Sitting on the sofa and playing with her phone, Yolande looked up at Austin in a suit and said, "let's go out for a business dinner and go back to the company by the way."

The lily soup on the table was steaming. It was so hot that Austin didn't have time to drink it. He was urged by a phone call to a dinner party.

"Mrs. Yolande, Mr. Austin has always been willful, but his health You can't be willful any more. "

"Mrs. Yolande, Mr. Austin only listens to you. He needs to rest for a while."

Dr. Warren's serious face appeared in

r delicate little hand on Austin's palm. He gently closed his palm and held the woman's hand in his palm. He turned his head and looked at the scarf around Yolande's neck.

When they passed a shopping mall, the white scarf outside the window attracted Austin's attention. He guessed that Yolande would look very beautiful with this scarf.

This was the first time he had given a gift to a woman other than his mother, and to his beloved woman. He was still very nervous. Fortunately, Yolande accepted it gratefully.

Today, when he saw her wearing his scarf, Austin couldn't help but feel happy.

Since Austin was not feeling well, his assistant drove them to the place where the dinner was held. Sitting in the back seat of the car, he held Yolande's hand tightly and never let go.

"I'm so sleepy. I'm going to sleep for a while."

Sitting in the living room of Gu Family's villa, Sunny yawned and said to the servant.

"Please go, Mrs. Sunny." The servant said.

In the past few days, Sunny often felt sleepy and her appetite decreased. By chance, she felt sick all the time. She wanted to tell Aron her physical condition, but he was too busy with his work.

In the morning, at dawn, Aron drove to the company. He worked overtime until very late at night. Sunny had already gone to bed, and she was very sleepy.

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