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   Chapter 212 Make a Financial Statement

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When Yolande returned to her room, she leaned her back against the cold wall. Her face turned pale. She hadn't recovered from the shock.

Austin spat out blood again! Different from the past. When he spat out blood, his face was very pale, like a piece of white paper.

When she saw the sickly Austin, she was very silent, as if a big stone was pressing on her and she felt very uncomfortable. Different from the past, they had been together for a long time, like a very familiar old friend. She felt bad when she saw his gaunt face! Moreover, Austin had helped her a lot. Even Yolande herself couldn't tell what his complicated feelings for him were.

She was worried that the man who protected her would fall. Looking at his pale and dull face, her heart inexplicably ached. Fear spread in her chest, as if something bad would happen.

Yolande didn't realize that there was a hint of emotion in addition to her pity for Austin. Looking at his painful appearance, she couldn't bear it and sadness spread everywhere.

Opposite her, there happened to be a spacious floor-to-ceiling window, the tulle curtains gleefully swaying in the breeze, the green branches swaying in the crisp breeze. The picture in front of them was very beautiful. In the blue sky, the green leaves were intertwined and gently shaking. A smell of flowers came in through the open window.

It smelled good, but her heart was inexplicably sad.

Back then, this bedroom was personally chosen by Yolande, and the decoration in it was not like this.

"What do you like? You can redecorate your room!"

"Is it too troublesome! In this way... That's great. "

"You're welcome. I'm going to kiss you!" The man said with a smile.

She blushed and said, "no, thanks." Her voice was like a mosquito.

Looking up at the blue sky and green leaves outside the window, Yolande sighed.

Austin was so kind to her. She was happy to enjoy his care. Gradually, she got used to his thoughtfulness.

Yolande decided to take

"Then I'll go," said Yolande, standing up.

"Yes, my laptop is in the study." The man said.

"Do you remember the password of my computer? XXXX. "Austin added a series of numbers in English.

Austin's secret was an abbreviation of his name


The sound of her steps echoed in the living room. The man looked up at the woman, and the corner of his mouth drew a lone line.

When she arrived at Austin's study, it was getting dark. The decorations in the study were obviously dim. Yolande turned on the light and drew the curtain.

Sitting on the seat made by Austin, he put his laptop in the middle of the desk. Then, Yolande started the laptop. The prompt for entering the password quickly popped up on the screen. Yolande entered a series of secrets and the computer was unlocked.

Yolande replied to the e-mails of the clients and began to do complicated financial calculation. Fortunately, Yolande had been sitting in the position of financial director for a long time, reviewing a lot of things she had learned in the University in the past, and did it smoothly.

As the night fell, the lights were turned on. Yolande yawned and closed Austin's laptop. Her neck was sore and she lay back on the seat tiredly.

It seemed that it was only dozens of financial calculations, but it was very troublesome!

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