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   Chapter 209 Stay With Me

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The morning sunshine shone on Austin's quilt. A gust of wind blew in, making him feel cool.

The woman stared at his handsome face, slightly stunned.

Compared with: the coldness and ruthlessness of Aron, the overbearing and gentle of Austin made Yolande feel warm when she thought of his tenderness.

Time was quiet. The woman sat in front of the man's bed and looked at him worriedly. They were silent, as if the air had solidified. The sun was shining outside and the bedroom was bright.

Yolande looked out of the window, and the thick leaves swayed gently in the breeze. The sky was very blue, like a blue duster cloth.

"You... Are you really okay? "

He opened his eyes, "no, don't worry."


She wasn't stupid. Even if he said Austin was fine, Yolande could tell how sick he was! She couldn't listen to the medicine every day, and her face would be pale if she was too tired. The point was that he got a fever from time to time

Resting his head on the pillow, Austin turned his face to look at Yolande intently. When their eyes met, Yolande slightly tilted her head and looked away from him.

"Don't worry about me, silly girl. I... He won't fall! "

"Well, have a good rest these days." Yolande looked at Austin with concern.

He smiled bitterly. She should care about him.

"You can sleep for a while." Said Yolande.

She touched his forehead gently and said, "his fever is gone."

With a relieved expression, he fixed his eyes on her face and asked, "do you have dark circles under your eyes? Didn't you sleep last night? "


She stood up and walked to a floor to ceiling mirror. She looked at herself carefully in the mirror. There was a faint dark circle around her eyes, which was difficult to find if she didn't look carefully.

"Yes, I can't fall asleep."

"Are you missing him?" Austin blurted out, feeling sad.

Yolande meditated and didn't know how to answer. She couldn't fall asleep and her mind was in a mess. She not only thought of the past when she was with Aron, but a

Mona brought a bowl of soup with leek leaves floating on it. The soup smelled very good. "Mona, what kind of soup is this?"

"This is bone soup. I added some vegetables and leaves in it. Mrs. Yolande, please have a taste. It's delicious."

The milky white soup in her bowl floated with green vegetables leaves, and a strong fragrance floated into her nose. Yolande took a sip and smelled a salty and strong fragrance.

"Mona, you are a good cook."

"Mrs. Yolande, I'm flattered. Mr. Austin's cooking is much better than mine." Mona gave her a kind smile, and Yolande saw the wrinkles on the corner of her eyes.

She thought it over and thought what Mona said made sense. Austin seldom cooked. His cooking skills were amazing. In her eyes, Austin was a perfect incarnation. It seemed that nothing could defeat Mr. Austin.

Yolande drank up a bowl of bone soup and licked his lips. Well, it tasted good.

"Your porridge and the soup made by Mona." Yolande put a lunch box on Austin's bedside table. He sat up and coughed... Her face was pale.

"Would you like some water?"

"Okay." Austin said, dragging his chin.

Yolande brought half a glass of water to Austin. He took the glass and took a few sips.

"Are you feeling better?" Yolande patted him on the back.

"Yes, much better."

With a pale face, he gave a comforting smile to Yolande.

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