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   Chapter 201 Back To The Village

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Austin was hanging out with a group of children. The children liked him very much. He didn't look like a domineering CEO in the company. On the contrary, he had a good time talking and laughing with the children.

Yolande sat aside and looked at Austin.

"Madam, are you hungry? The food in our house is simple. Don't mind it."

The old man's wife brought several bowls of simple food and a bowl of rice. Yolande smiled politely.

"Auntie, how could it be? It's delicious."

Yolande took a bite of the pickles. It tasted salty, but it tasted good.

The old man's wife was dignified, but her skin was dry and sallow. The middle-aged woman's forehead had already been covered with wrinkles, showing a look of old and haggard than her actual age.

Looking at her, Yolande's heart was desolate, as if she had seen herself in her middle age. Although she would not be as old as her, she would also be full of wrinkles. She made up her mind to take good care of herself after going back. Women were most afraid of aging.

She didn't want to be that kind of woman. A woman had to maintain elegance and confidence at all times.

"Mrs. Yolande, you are so beautiful!"

Hearing that, Yolande came to herself and smiled shyly, "I'm fine."

Her eyes were shining, and she stared at Yolande with envy. The face of vicissitudes shows a kind smile.

Yolande raised his head and looked at the blue sky, revealing a smile from the bottom of his heart. Compared with the hustle and bustle of the city, the air in the countryside was clear and the culture was simple. Staying in such a remote and peaceful countryside for a period of time, his impetuous heart would also become incomparably calm.

In this village, everyone respected her. In their eyes, she was Mrs. Yolande, not a slut who seduced men.

"Did Austin often come here before?"

"Mr. Aron, you are a kind-hearted man. All the children in our school are orphans without parents an

arms almost touched her chest.

She struggled a few times, but the man was so strong that she couldn't get rid of him. "You What do you want? "

"Take photos," Austin said concisely.

He took out the camera and raised his long arms high. "Don't be so serious. Smile."

"Oh," Yolande reluctantly put on a smile. With a click of the camera, the picture was fixed.

"Your smile is uglier than crying," said Austin, looking at Yolande in the camera.

"Oh, then don't be afraid."

The man's hot breath fell on her earlobe, "I'll take it today!"

Her heart beat faster. Damn it! He was so close to me.

"Relax. Don't be nervous."

Every time she touched Yolande's body, she looked very nervous and her face flushed. Austin felt sad. Was she rejecting him?

Austin and Yolande wandered around the village. He was very interested in taking a lot of photos, beautiful scenery, selfies of them, and played until it was dark.

"Where will you stay tonight?" Yolande asked nervously.

"Live in Uncle Simon's house."

"Let's go," he took Yolande hand and went back to the village. The lights of every house were on.

"Mr. Austin, Mrs. Yolande, you are back. The guest room is ready for you. It's getting late. You can go to bed now."

"Okay, uncle. We'll go now. Good night."

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