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   Chapter 199 You Don't Tell Me

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"If you don't give me a hand, I'll carry you up," Austin said with a sly smile, raising his eyebrows.

She blushed and handed her hand to him. She put her hand on Austin's palm and held her hand tightly. Well, her little hands were smooth and tender.

Austin pulled Yolande up from the ground. She had been squatting for too long that she felt her legs and feet numb. She couldn't stand steadily and fell heavily into Austins arms. The man hugged her. It seemed that Yolande could hear the strong heartbeat of Austin

She couldn't help but feel her heart beat faster. The perfume and the unique smell of the man from him made her dizzy. He held her so tightly that Yolande couldn't move.

Holding the woman he loved in his arms was an experience that he had never experienced before. Now, Austin realized that it was a wonderful feeling. It was a wonderful feeling to rush up to the clouds. He didn't want to let her go.

"You... Let go of me... I can do it myself now... I'll go. "

Yolande's face turned red. He hugged her more tightly.

"What if I don't? I want to kiss you again," his breath tickled her neck.

"Let go of me! Waah... Waah..."

Austin was so strong that Yolande couldn't get rid of him. She leaned on Austin's chest, her face as red as a ripe persimmon, and her fist hit Austin's chest.

The man held her tighter. A few minutes later, Austin reluctantly let go of her. With her head down, Yolande blushed. The man smiled gently.

"Are you blushing? Are you in love with me? "

"Don't talk nonsense. I didn't..."

Pretending to be angry, she turned her head away. But Austin didn't care. He just smiled and took Yolande's hand. "Let's go."

Hand in hand, they slowly walked towards the top Cayenne of Austin's car.

Yolande admired Austin's meticulousness. Along the way, he had asked Mona to prepare all the things he

the woman nodded.

"He... You deserve it. That's how you feel, "added Yolande, gritting her teeth.

Austin felt sad. Yolande still loved Aron, as if the treasure he treasured most was not him.

In the hospital, Aron was lying on the bed in a coma. The doctor said that Mr. Aron was fine. His cold had been delayed for too long, and he was too worried to cause a high fever.

After a bottle of fluid, his fever was gone, but Aron was still asleep.

"Doctor, when will my husband wake up?"

With tearful eyes and tearful eyes, Sunny really moved the doctor. Mr. Aron was so happy to meet a wife who loved him so much.

"Mrs. Sunny, don't worry. Mr. Aron is just lack of sleep, so he is just sleeping and is fine," the doctor comforted.

"That's good," said Sunny, sniffing.

"My husband has been very busy recently. He works overtime at midnight and gets up so early in the morning How can you stand it? "

Tears welled up in Sunny's eyes. The doctors and nurses in the ward were moved and comforted her.

After the doctor left, Sunny lay on the side of [Aron, her eyes red with tears. Of course, she was most likely acting. In this way, when Aron woke up and saw her so worried about him, he would definitely be moved.

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