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   Chapter 198 Set Off

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Sitting in the driver's seat, Austin drove the top-grade Cayenne on a curve road that was bumpy all the way. Fortunately, he was a good driver and drove smoothly.

The surroundings were lush, green leaves swaying in the wind, and the trees around were very thick. Yolande was sure that she had never been here before.

"Where am I?"

"It's kind of a mountain village," said Austin.


She stared blankly at the green outside the window. Looking out through the glass window, Yolande found that these mountains were surrounded by green trees and beautiful scenery. She liked the scenery along the way.

Yolande leaned her head against the seat and closed her eyes leisurely. The car shook from time to time, making Yolande sleep comfortably.

The perfume that Austin had sprayed on his body floated into her nose from time to time. Somehow, she suddenly felt that she liked this smell very much. It smelled good.

The car suddenly stopped. Yolande suddenly opened her eyes and turned her head to look at Austin with her big round eyes. "Here we are?"

"No. It's such a beautiful view. Let's go out for a walk," said Austin.

She looked out of the window and saw a beam of sunshine shining on the green leaves. The crisp leaves seemed to be coated with a layer of light, golden. It was beautiful, but she was too lazy. She really didn't want to go down.

"I don't want to go," murmured Yolande.

"You have to go," the man said overbearingly. She frowned.

Austin opened the window and got out of the car. Then he walked to the other side and opened the door, saying, "come out."

Wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, Yolande walked out of the top-level Cayenne. The dazzling sunlight shone on her face. She squinted slightly and Austin handed the sunshade umbrella to her. She was stunned that Austin was so considerate.

With a sun resisting umbrella in her hand, Yolande was walking on a curved mountain road. The breeze was blowing slowly, and occasionally the sound of wind could be heard. In a word, in such a valley surrounded by mountains, she felt very peaceful, without the noise of the city.

Austin walked bes

have a taste too," Austin said, looking at the woman's appetizing face.

Yolande gave Austin one wild fruit and he took a bite. "Well, it tastes good."

While eating the wild fruit, Yolande stretched out her arms to reach the highest fruit and picked it up. "Yes, help me take it off."

She pointed at another taller fruit, but she couldn't reach it. Austin reached out and picked it up. After a while, a pile of wild fruit was piled up on the ground. "I'll take these with me. Do you have a bag?"

She squatted down, biting the wild fruit, raised her head and squinted at the tall Austin.

"Yes. Wait for me for a few minutes. I'll get the plastic bag in the car."

The man turned around, strode forward and stopped. He looked back at Yolande, who was squatting on the ground with several wild fruits, and a trace of vigilance flashed through his eyes.

There were mountains all around, which were very remote and desolate. His car was parked a little far away, so he sped up. It would take at least twenty minutes to go back and forth. He didn't know if there were people or beasts lurking in such a remote place. He was very worried about Yolande.

The man strode to Yolande, bent down and stretched out his hands. "What are you doing?"

Yolande was confused.

"Let's go together. It's not safe for you to stay here alone!"

Yolande rolled her eyes and looked at Austin's handsome face. "Ah, it's safe here."

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