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   Chapter 196 Let's Go Together

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In the morning, the sky outside the window gradually lit up, and a faint light came in from the gap of the curtain in the dark bedroom.

Thump! Thump! Thump

Several knocks on the door awakened Yolande from her sleep. Her head was covered in the quilt, and the knock didn't stop. With sleepy eyes, Yolande lifted the quilt.

"Who is it? I can't sleep!"

"Yolande, it's dawn. We should go now."

A gentle voice came from outside the door. Yolande was sleepy. Due to her busy work and tiredness, she got up very late on weekend mornings.

In the morning, she was suddenly awakened by a knock. She was so sleepy that she couldn't get up from the bed.

"I'm so sleepy." ignoring the knock on the door, Yolande tilted her head, wrapped herself tightly in the quilt and continued to sleep.

Austin frowned and knocked on the door for a minute, but there was no sound inside. Maybe she was too tired, so he decided to let her sleep a little longer. He turned around and was about to go to the bathroom to wash up.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Austin put on his tie in front of the mirror and saw a bottle of expensive French perfume. He picked up the perfume and sprayed it a few times. Before he went out, he habitually wore it.

The man in the mirror looked good. His pale face turned red again. He pursed his thin lips and had a handsome face. Austin's pursuers could be lined up along one street. Many girls dreamed of marrying Mr. Austin, but he didn't even look at them.

Time passed quickly. The love in his heart had never changed. In Austin's mind, Yolande was the only woman he loved deeply in his life. He was very happy when he took her out for the first time.

Squinting her eyes, Yolande staggered to the door of the bathroom. Austin turned around and saw her leaning against the door frame with her eyelids drooping. She seemed unhappy.

"You're up," said Austin.

"Are you sure?" Yolande muttered.

Austin walked up to the woman and touched her head with a gentle smile.

"Go wash your face and wake up. Life is abo

in your eyes?"

Yolande frowned. The warm look on Austin's face made her blush.

"Because you are very beautiful," said Austin with a smile at the corners of his mouth. With a slight flush on her cheeks, Yolande turned her head aside. This man always teased her when he had nothing to do.

Yolande turned his back to play with her phone, leaving a petite back to Austin. He was stunned for a moment, bowed his head and drank up the remaining rice porridge in his bowl.

Mona put down the empty plate. After a moment's hesitation, Austin stood up and walked up to her. He patted Yolande on the back and said, "go change your clothes. We'll set off later."


Sitting on a chair, Yolande was playing games on her phone with her slender hands. Standing behind her, Austin stared at the screen and her slender fingers. Yolande was good at playing games. This woman must have often played this game. The man behind her frowned.

Austin studied hard since he was a child. He got a scholarship every year in the University. He never played games with his roommates. His only hobby in the University was to study in the library.

Every night, as usual, Austin came to the library with a pile of books in his arms. He found a quiet corner and sat down, reading quietly. His eyes fell on a back, but he had never had the courage to greet the girl he had a crush on.

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