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   Chapter 188 Mr. Austin Is Looking At You

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Frowning, Yolande looked at Austin in confusion. Had he been standing at the door for a long time? Why did he keep staring at her?

"Mrs. Yolande, Mr. Austin is looking at you..." Mona said with a smile.

"Mona," Austin waved his hand to stop her. Mona took a look at him and left.

"Austin... Is there anything on my face? "

"What?" Austin was confused.

"Or why are you staring at me?" The woman blinked and looked at the man in front of her.

Yolande didn't understand why Mona said that. Was he looking at her? Why are you looking at me? Is there anything on my face?

Austin chuckled, "No. you can continue to cook. I'm waiting for carp soup." he put his hands on his hips and walked away slowly in front of Yolande, who curled her lips.

The carp soup was stewed in the pot. Sitting aside, Yolande took out his phone and saw a WeChat message from Brian.

"Ask your Austin to release my men," said Yolande with a frown. She didn't have a contact with Brian on WeChat. When did she add it? Yolande frowned and thought for a while. She remembered that yesterday afternoon, she received a friend identification message. She didn't care about it at that time and agreed to the friend identification request.

Yolande immediately blacklisted Brian. Well, she didn't even have any contact with Aron. What was Brian to her? Moreover, she hated the idle Mr. Brian of the Gu Family very much.

"What's wrong?" Austin came over and stood behind Yolande.

"How long are you going to lock them up?"

Austin knew what Yolande was asking. "What? Does it have anything to do with us? "

"No... Let them stay in the police station for a few more days, "said Yolande, gnashing her teeth.

"I plan to let them go in the police station," Austin said.

Putting her phone in her pocket, Yolande turned around and looked at Austin in confusion.

"They are also under orders. It's not their fault."


With a gleam in her eyes, she too

s ability could not help Aron. He even made a fool of himself and let Aron laugh at him. It was better for them to stop working together.

"What? You don't want to cooperate with me? Then why didn't you refuse me at the beginning? Now you want to retreat halfway. Brian, we are really brothers, "Aron sneered.

"So you don't agree?"

"Don't forget that I can take back the inheritance right of the two masters of the Gu Family at any time and anywhere. Think it over," a busy tone came from the microphone, and Brian angrily threw his mobile phone out.

In the living room, Brian's face darkened and he didn't say anything. He hated his incompetence. Under the sharp edge of Aron, many things couldn't be decided by himself. He also regretted his greed when he was first born and sat down to make mistakes.

Slap... Brian smashed a cup on the floor, and the servant ran out of the inner room in horror.

"Mr. Brian, what's wrong with you?"

Ignoring the servant, Brian threw the half eaten apple into the ashtray, leaned against the sofa and stared blankly at the white ceiling.

He had no choice but to cooperate with Aron. At least, he didn't want to lose the identity of the two masters of the Gu Family. He had finally come to this, how could he easily give up the Gu Family's business.

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