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   Chapter 187 Cook Delicious Food For Him

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"Let's go back."

Austin said indifferently as he tilted his head and saw that Yolande was in a daze. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Yolande was still in a daze, staring blankly at somewhere. With his arm around her shoulder and his head close, Austin breathed into her exposed neck.

"You... What are you thinking about? "

Yolande suddenly turned around. The man was very close to her, and his breath came to her face. It was so hot that she felt a little uncomfortable. She stretched out her hand and pushed Austin. As a result, he almost fell down.

"Ah... I'm sorry... "

She took a look at Austin, and the four of them looked at each other. Then she lowered her head in a hurry. Austin tilted his head and looked at her with interest. What made her so absent-minded? Didn't she think of Aron again?

"What are you thinking about?"

"No... Nothing. "

The light in her eyes dimmed, and Yolande looked very depressed. Memory was really a strange thing, because a word, a sudden thought of a scene would make us involuntarily fall into the past years, and arouse the emotions that even ourselves could not realize. It turned out that those things that were not easily remembered were just placed in the bottom of our hearts, and we did not forget.

Seeing that, Austin was still very sad. Yolande walked towards the Lin Family's villa, followed by Austin. When she arrived at the gate of the villa, she looked back, but didn't see him.

"Where did he go? Did I walk too fast? "

The wind blew her soft hair and danced in the wind. The woman looked around and wondered where Austin had gone?

Yolande walked a few steps ahead. A figure was sitting on the other side of the green tree steps. She ran over and saw that Austin was sitting on the steps with an indifferent and pale face.

"You... Are you okay? "

Yolande bent down and asked anxiously. Austin looked up at Yolande, "It doesn't matter."

"You... Your face is pale! "

"Well, I'll be fine after

, "Mr. Austin, it's light. Don't add too much salt."

"Okay, Mona, I'll keep that in mind."

A faint fragrance wafted into his nose. Standing at the kitchen door, Austin looked affectionately at the busy Yolande on the kitchen stove. His heart softened.

It was a romantic scene often played in TV dramas: a wife was cooking for her beloved husband in the kitchen. Usually, at this time, the man's hot eyes passed the kitchen door and looked at his beloved wife. While his wife was busy, he sneaked up behind her, gently hugged her from behind, and wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

His wife turned around and smiled affectionately at him. The thick soup made up a romantic picture. He didn't like watching boring TV dramas, but he also liked such beautiful and romantic movements. Therefore, he wanted to go over and hug her slender waist from behind. He didn't need anything but just wanted to hug her quietly.

Time flied!

With his back against the kitchen door, Austin stared affectionately at the busy woman.

"Mr. Austin..."

When Mona passed by the kitchen, she saw that Austin was leaning against the door and Mr. Austin was peeking at Mrs. Yolande. 'what an affectionate boy!' she thought.

Yolande turned around and saw Austin standing at the door.

"Well, you... What are you looking at? "

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