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   Chapter 184 Brian fights

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Austin's suit was straight and handsome. He went downstairs with the help of a wooden ladder. While Yolande was drinking milk and eating bread at the table.

"Morning... Good morning! "

Her expression was a little unnatural. She lowered her head and gulped down the milk. A naked picture of Austin appeared in her mind. Yolande felt her face burning Ahem... "

Yolande was so drunk that she coughed hard on her chest. Her face turned red. Austin walked over and patted her on the back. "Take your time. I won't fight with you."

Rolling her eyes, Yolande took a sip of water and felt better in her throat.

Mona put the breakfast on the table and said, "good morning, Mr. Austin. It's time for breakfast."

Stuffed buns, rice porridge, and Austin's breakfast was light. "Um, Mona, you should eat too."

He put his hand down from Yolande's back and sat opposite the table. He scooped up a mouthful of soup with a spoon and put it into his mouth. Holding a milk cup, she peeked at Yolande's extraordinary face from the corner of her eyes. Her heart beat faster involuntarily. It was all his fault for being so handsome that her heart beat out of rhythm.

Austin didn't notice the evil look on Yolande's face. He focused on eating steamed buns and eating millet porridge.

"Last night... Why are you looking for me? "

The man looked straight at her with his warm eyes. Yolande lowered her eyebrows slightly and said, "it's not a big deal. I want to ask what you like to eat..."

Austin frowned and looked at Yolande inquisitively. Why did she suddenly care about his hobbies?

"You... Do you want to cook for me? "

Yolande nodded, "Yes, you need to eat something Yummy, nutritious! "

"Oh, really?"

The man felt warm in his heart, but Yolande still cared about him. The woman on the other side nodded again.

"I like everything you cook."

Austin said gently, looking at her affectionately, which made her a little unaccustomed

nd trembled and looked at him carefully.

"It's... It's Brian... "

Brian... With a darkened face, Yolande glared at the man. Therefore, when Brian appeared near the villa, he must have some ulterior motives. As expected, the Mr. Brian of the Mr. Brian was really rude. Yolande sneered.

"Brian, come out if you can... Hiding in the dark... What kind of skill is it? "

In the gray and hazy morning, Yolande shouted. Her voice echoed in the air, but Brian did not come out. She looked into the distance, with a flash of mockery in her eyes. Well, did she run away? He was a real gentleman.

Austin waved his hand. "Arrest them and hand them over to the police."

He didn't want to see more men. They were annoying! Austin's men dragged the men lying on the ground away. As for Brian... He had already run away!

"Let's go," Austin said calmly as he took Yolande's hand and walked towards his car.

"You knew it?"

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Yolande turned his head and looked at Austin doubtfully.

"Yes, I know."

Austin fastened his seat belt. "And... He came for me, "Austin said.

After fastening the seat belt, Yolande's heart sank. It was Aron who asked Brian to do so, and she cursed him many times in his mind. In a daze, Austin had already started the car and rushed out.

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