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   Chapter 182 Very Beautiful

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"Honey, I like the necklace my sister bought!"

Sunny murmured to herself. The implication was obvious. She was eager for Aron's buying a new one for her, which might not be easy to buy.

Aron frowned, "you like it, too? I haven't heard of it from you before. "

Sunny raised her head from Aron's arms and said, "because that necklace is very rare and expensive. I don't want my husband to spend money on it."

Her voice was soft, and she pretended to be very considerate. Aron held Sunny more tightly.

"Honey... Although I like... You don't have to buy it for me. It's so expensive. "

Sunny played hard to get and said in a low voice, burying her face in Aron's chest. 'Well, no matter what, I have tens of millions of assets. I'm rich, talented and capable. How can I not afford a six digit necklace.'

"Sunny, I will buy it for you as long as you like."

Sunny was overjoyed, " Boo... Hoo Honey, I don't want you to spend too much money! "

"How can it be a waste? It's natural for a husband to give his wife a jewelry," Aron said with a frown.

"Honey, you are so kind... Thank you, honey. "

"You little fool, don't be so polite to me," said Aron sadly.

Curling up in Aron's arms, Sunny looked happy. 'Yolande, why should I be worse than you?' 'Well, I, Sunny, can't lose anything you have.'

Aron held Sunny tightly in his arms and gently stroked her head, "don't cry."

When they were on the sofa, the servant had already put the dinner on the table, and a fragrance floated into Sunny's nose.

"Honey, I'm hungry. Let's go to have dinner."


Aron looked at his beloved wife tenderly. Well, Sunny seemed to be more and more beautiful. He loved Sunny more than before, and he was more pitiful for her.

Yolande lay on the bed with her arms akimbo, staring blankly at the white ceiling. The necklace and jewelry box bought by Austin was placed next to her. It was exquisitely and

er affectionately. Standing in the middle of the living room, Yolande was a little embarrassed and smiled unnaturally Austin took care of her most of the time! Feeling a little hot on her face, Yolande turned around awkwardly.

Dr. Warren nodded and took a sip of tea. Yolande raised her head and looked at the paintings and calligraphy on the wall. Dr. Warren and Austin chatted casually.

"Mr. Austin, you don't look good," Dr. Warren said seriously.

"I'm fine," Austin said, waving his hand.

Dr. Warren frowned with a helpless expression. He had been a private doctor for Austin for several years, and knew Austin very well. He was a man of forbearance and was not good at expressing himself. Even if it was related to his own health, he could still understate it.

So He said "I'm fine" and it might not be true.

Yolande turned around. Austin stretched out his arm and stood up to get the cup far away from him. She quickly handed the cup to Austin. He took a look at her and saw the new necklace hanging on her neck.

"Yes, it's very beautiful."

Knowing what he was talking about, she looked down at the necklace around her neck. Well, it was very expensive. Yolande had never worn such an expensive necklace before.

Austin drank up half a glass of water.

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