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   Chapter 178 Crying

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Aron opened his eyes and found himself lying on the bed of the hospital, surrounded by white. He moved his body and sat up from the bed. Looking around, he was sure that this was indeed a hospital.

What happened last night? Why was I in the hospital? Aron frowned and thought for a while. Then, what happened last night appeared in his mind. He drove on the highway and unfortunately had a car accident.

Lying on the edge of the bed, Sunny was sound asleep with her long eyelashes trembling slightly. Aron smiled dotingly and reached out to push Sunny.

"Wake up. Did you sleep here?"

Reflexively, Sunny raised her head and said with sleepy eyes, "honey, you're awake."

Tears welled up in Sunny]'s eyes. She looked at Aron with red eyes and threw herself into his arms.

"Honey, you scared me to death."

Aron gently patted on Sunny's back and said, "don't cry. I'm fine."

A dull pain came from his head, and Aron cursed in his heart, 'damn it! What happened last night? Why did she hit the car opposite?'.

Sunny cried bitterly, half pretending and half sincerely. After all, she still loved him. Seeing Aron suffer, she felt more or less uncomfortable.

Aron patted Sunny's back lovingly, "well, don't cry. Look, I'm not hurt either My forehead... Just a little injury. "

Sunny buried her head in his arms and snuggled up to Aron.

"Did you stay here all night?"

"Yes, I'm so worried about you, honey," murmured Sunny.

After Aron was hit by a car, Sunny got the news and rushed to the hospital. The doctor said that the minor injury was not serious. Staying in the hospital was too tight and couldn't sleep well, so Sunny directly went back to Gu Family's villa to sleep.

In the morning, when the dawn broke, Sunny got up from the bed and hurried to the hospital. Aron hadn't woken up yet. Sunny was lying on his bed, holding his hand and looking at his sl

y cars and people. The clouds in the sky were changeable. She narrowed her eyes and looked up at the sky.

On Saturday afternoon, Austin went out to attend a dinner party. While Yolande stayed in the villa and felt bored, she walked around the villa and looked at the beautiful flowers in the garden to kill her boring time, Yolande decided to go out for a walk and stroll along the road. Turning her head, she saw a familiar figure.

Brian... Why was he here?

Brian was swaying back and forth not far from Austin's villa. With a frown, Yolande had an ominous premonition and strode towards him.

"What are you doing here?"

Brian turned around and saw a trace of panic on Yolande's face.

"No... I didn't do anything. "He was a little embarrassed.

Raising her head and squinting her eyes, Yolande looked at Brian aggressively, with a flash of contempt in her eyes. Well, since Brian was here, he must have no good intention.

"Well, this is not the place you should appear. Please leave!"

Brian glanced at her lightly and looked Yolande up and down. The confidence on her face and the temperament of her body surprised him.

He couldn't help admiring the woman in front of him. He glanced at Yolande indifferently, turned around and left.

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