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   Chapter 177 Sad Austin

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Seeing the man's back disappear in the stairwell, Yolande looked confused and turned to Mona.

"Mona, is he uncomfortable?"

Mona looked at the puzzled look on Yolande's face and gave her a meaningful look. "Mr. Austin are worried about you."

"His heart... What's wrong with him? "

Yolande frowned and looked upstairs in confusion. When did Mona say something vague? She didn't understand at all. Yolande put a piece of braised sweet and sour spareribs into her bowl. Well, it smells good.

She took a bite. It was sweet and sour. It tasted good. Eating when she was upset could relieve her irritable mood. Yolande didn't want to think about Aron anymore. Now she was very happy. Aron was her enemy!

"Well, is Austin really okay?"

She turned her head, bit the chopsticks and looked at Mona worriedly, hoping that Mona could say something. Mona put the dishes into a lunch box and said, "send them to Mr. Austin later and let him eat more."


After having a big meal, Yolande covered her round belly and seemed to be in a better mood.

Carrying the lunch box that Mona had given her, she walked upstairs with the help of a spinning wood ladder. When she arrived at Austin's room, Yolande knocked on the door. Sitting on the bed, he was typing on the keyboard.

"May I come in?"

The woman called out her name as she knocked on the door. Frowning, Austin stopped what he was doing. He looked at the door and said in a low voice, "I've already taken off my clothes and fallen asleep. I don't think it's a good idea to open the door for you. Of course, if you don't mind..."


Outside the door, Yolande felt a little embarrassed. She thought of the naked body of Austin. Her face was burning. She said in a slight panic, "nothing. Mona asked me to bring you some food. You can go to bed first."

The woman's footsteps were getting closer and farther, but gradually disappeared. Staring at the computer screen in a daze, Austin's eyes darkened. The beautiful face of the woman appeared in his mind, and he felt very uncomfortable.

At first, he thought that maybe one day he would

but they had no contact at all.

In the prize giving ceremony of the second semester of university three, Yolande won the first place in her class, while Austin was the second, second. They stood on the stage and held the trophy high together.

Austin turned his head and looked at the girl's clean and innocent face. Under the calm appearance, there were already waves.

The night was very quiet. The memories of the past flashed through Austin's mind. Now, the woman he had been secretly in love with for many years was by his side. They went to and off work, had meetings, and had meals together every day. Austin felt very happy.

He cherished the present life very much. Although after so many things, Aron was still in Yolande's heart. Austin was also very sad. He paid and silently waited for her in order to make her forget the past and live a happy life, but he still had feelings for Aron who had insulted her.

Even so, what he wanted to see most was her happy face. For this, he was willing to stay by her side and protect her all the time. Even if Yolande didn't love Austin, he was willing to do it, as long as he was alive.

The man sighed and stared at the white ceiling in a daze.

Austin didn't have much communication with Yolande when they were in college, but he carefully kept everything about her in his memory and often took it out to recall. Then he smiled with satisfaction.

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