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   Chapter 168 Aron Was Very Angry

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Seeing the embarrassed look on Yolande's face, Austin didn't say anything more. Thinking of the fact that Yolande still had feelings for Aron, Austin felt sad.

Aron fixed his eyes on Austin's company and kept attacking it.

Austin was calm and unhurried. Even if he fought back, he was not in a hurry. He could easily make the other party go crazy.

Most of the time, Austin chose to ignore Aron's revenge. It was not because he was not angry, but because he didn't want to hurt Yolande. He didn't want to hurt his beloved woman for his own selfish desires.

"Yes, I think too much," said Austin.

She glanced at the man beside her with a strange expression, but Yolande couldn't see through his true face under his cold mask.


Crack! Crack! Crack

Aron's face turned ghastly pale. He smashed an expensive glass into pieces, and his heart was burning with anger. The fire was burning, and no matter how hard he tried, it couldn't be extinguished.

The crackling sound woke up Sunny who was sleeping. Sunny opened her eyes and sat up from the bed nervously. Her pupils were enlarged because of fear, and another sound of something smashing came to her eardrum, making it buzzing.

"What... What happened? "

The shout was so weak that no one heard it. Sunny's heart was beating wildly because of fear. Did Aron know what she had done and get angry in the living room? Her ruddy face suddenly turned pale.

Since Sunny went crazy in Austin's villa, she had been living in fear every day. Any movement of her was enough to make her feel uneasy.

Lying back on the bed, Sunny stared blankly at the white ceiling, with malice flashing in her eyes. 'Yolande, why don't you go to die? If you die, I won't live so painful. I'm afraid that what I have done will be exposed.'.

If Yolande die, I will live happily with Aron forever.

Staring blankly at the white ceiling, the living room quieted down. She listened quietly for a few


Previously, when the investor withdrew the investment, Austin's project was started as usual. The project was doing better and better day by day. Many customers thought of Mr. Austin. Aron, who had always been self-abased in front of Austin, was even angrier.

"My efforts in vain did not cause any harm to Austin's company."

Aron said angrily, holding Sunny's petite body in his arms. Sunny raised her head from his arms.

"Honey, you are the best in my eyes."

Aron was touched and held Sunny in his arms, "really?"


Sunny nodded her head desperately, but her heart was filled with joy. 'Since Aron loved me so much, he would definitely not be willing to leave me.'

Under the comfort of Sunny, Aron gradually calmed down and said, "honey, you are so kind."

Holding Sunny tightly in his arms, he cursed both Yolande and Austin in his heart. In particular, he hated Austin, It seemed that since the appearance of the man called Mr. Austin, his talent and ability could not be the only one. Aron had been working in the business world for so many years and established his own company. The company was getting bigger and bigger, which could show his extraordinary talent and ability, but he had been defeated by Austin many times. Such humiliation was intolerable for Aron.

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