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   Chapter 167 She Still Had Feelings For Him

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After sitting in the driver's seat, Austin opened the door and sat next to Yolande. He handed his seat belt to Yolande. The starry sky above his head was like a chessboard, spreading all over the chessboard. The pale yellow stars twinkled.

"I didn't think the night would be so beautiful, I never seemed to notice that before."

She murmured and looked at the twinkling stars in the night sky with her beautiful eyes.

"Well, fasten the seat belt. Let's go. Go and come back early."


The man took the seat belt from Yolande, bent down and fastened it carefully. His breath made Yolande's neck itchy.

"Well, let's go."

Austin started the car and drove the top Cayenne to the company. Yolande felt warm in her heart and looked up at the twinkling stars in the night sky.

The car stopped at the company building. They got out of the car. The starry sky was vast, and the street lights shone brightly on the city at night.

"No one else. Only the two of us."

"What? Isn't it good that there are only two of us?"

The man's voice was low and warm, with an unreadable meaning. She turned her head.

"Well, okay Okay. "

The big floor at night stood on the ground, and all the windows were dark. Looking at the company building, persons couldn't help but feel gloomy and horrible. He held the small hand of Yolande in his broad and warm palm.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

His voice was extremely gentle. He held her thin shoulder in his arms and said, "let's go upstairs."

Hearing that, Yolande was stunned. She let Niles hold her petite shoulder and walked all the way to the gate of the company. In the evening, all the security guards in the company went home to sleep, and the leader of the building also went back to have a good sleep after work.

Austin took out the key and inserted it into the lock. The door opened with a click.

The man put his arm around the woman's shoulder again and walked towards the elevator in the company building.


ident of Manager Wang of Austin's company, the plane was delayed, and an important cooperation of the company was delayed. Austin also called the directors in the United States in person to clarify the matter. The other party was moved by his sincerity, and gave the company another chance. He successfully won a foreign cooperation project.

"Have you never been defeated?"

The woman looked at him with her bright eyes and asked with admiration.

Austin thought for a while and said, "I'm not afraid of failure. It's normal for a military troop to win or fail, not to mention us. What do you think?"

"Ah... But I haven't seen you defeated for so long. "

Her mind was in a mess. In fact, she didn't know what she was talking about. This man's words made her confused.

"Are you expecting me to lose to Aron?"

Austin raised his eyebrows and looked slightly serious, staring at the woman in front of him.

"Ah... You think too much. "

Yolande lowered her head and said in a low voice. There was still a trace of sadness in her heart. Perhaps, Aron had lived in her heart for too long, so that he had already become a habit. It seemed that it was difficult to change it in one thirty. Otherwise, why would she still feel a little painful while she mentioned that person?

Well, maybe she still had feelings for him!

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