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   Chapter 166 Went To The Company To Work Overtime

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Updated: 2020-04-30 08:44

"Don't be so careless in the future. You can't forget to bring your cell phone and wallet when you go out."

Lying prone on the table, Yolande gulped down the bird's nest soup. Standing behind her, Austin looked serious and nagged.

"Okay, I know."

Her tone was a little impatient. She was complaining about his nagging!

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who was bending over the table to eat. "Well, take your time. I'm going back to the company."


She put a spoon of bird's nest into her mouth. Go back to the company? She raised her head and looked out of the window. The rain had stopped and it was getting dark outside. She leaned over and Austin was about to leave with his hand on the doorknob.

"Go back to work?"

"Yes, I still have some documents to read."

Yolande stepped forward and looked at the handsome man beside her with concern.

"Warren... Warren said that you can't work overtime tonight. It's not good for your health. "

Her slender fingers pressed on his black suit. Austin turned around and met her beautiful eyes. His heart skipped a beat.

"Well, it doesn't matter."

To put it simply, Yolande knew that she couldn't stop the workaholic Mr. Austin from going back to the company to work overtime at night, so she decided to go with him. After all, in order to look for her everywhere in the rainstorm, Austin delayed his work. She should have worked with him.

"Wait a minute. I'll go with you after dinner."

The man frowned and felt a little touched. He looked at the woman in front of him affectionately.

"Well, I'm glad to have you with me. It's a happy thing to work overtime," said Austin in a warm tone, raising his eyebrows. In a panic, Yolande lowered her head and didn't dare to look into the man's eyes. She picked up the rest of the bowl of bird's nest and continued to eat.

Resting his broad hands on the doorknob, the man looked back at the woman who was enjoying her meal. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he pushed the door open and went out.

Yolande finished eating the bird's nest soup and wiped h

ut to turn around, the man's arm tightly clasped her shoulder.

"Don't go out. Let's go together after I take the medicine."

His tone was domineering and not negotiable. Looking at the unhappy woman who slightly lowered her head, he sighed slightly. He knew why she was unhappy, but he had no choice but to keep silent.

"Mr. Austin, here is your medicine."

When she was distracted, Mona came down the stairs with the medicine and handed it to Austin.

The man let go of the woman's shoulder, took the white pill, put it into his lips, raised his head and took a sip of water, and handed the glass to Mona.

Standing aside, Yolande stared at the man's expression and action when he took the pill. His expression was calm and his action was skilled. Presumably, he often took medicine, so he swallowed the pill so habitually.

Yolande found that she didn't know much about Mr. Austin in front of her. His protection for her made her rely on him more and more. Austin seemed to be able to see through her mind, but she couldn't see through him at all.

"Mona, we go now."

"Mr. Austin, Mrs. Yolande, , come back early tonight."

Austin stretched out his arm and put it around Yolande's shoulder. They turned around. He pushed the door open and walked towards his car. It was a beautiful night, and a breeze blew over. The man held the woman's Petite shoulder and walked towards his car.

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