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   Chapter 165 Went Back To The Villa

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In the car of the top Cayenne, the woman's wet hair was dripping, and her face was also wet. She lowered her head, looking very miserable.

The two people in the car were silent, and the atmosphere in the car was a little strange. The man's handsome face was slightly angry, as if he was still angry for her ignoring her safety and hiding under a big tree for rain. How dangerous it was!

Yolande raised his head and peeked at his face. He pursed his lips tightly. The expression on his angular face was complicated, and Yolande couldn't understand.

The hair was wet against her forehead, which was still dripping down. Her white shirt was clinging to her muscles because of the wetness and the curves of her chest were very visible, and the woman looked very sexy, especially her breasts.

Austin turned his head to look at the woman beside him and looked away from her. He took off his suit and thoughtfully put it on her shoulder. Yolande lowered her head and saw the man's large suit on her shoulder.

"I I'm not cold. "

"Be careful not to catch a cold," she stammered, as small as mosquitoes.

Hearing Austin's concerned tone, Yolande's eyes became moist. If Austin hadn't arrived, she would have been sheltered from the rain under the tree in such a heavy rain. If she was unlucky and the lightning penetrated the ground, she might have lost her life.

She turned to look at Austin. Half of his white shirt's shoulder was wet from the rain. She felt guilty. Although he was in poor health, he showered for her again and again.

"Are you okay? Are all wet. "

She looked at Austin's wet shoulder and asked with concern.

"It doesn't matter," Austin replied.

Yolande lowered her head with guilt. It seemed that she had caused him a lot of trouble since she met Austin. The man seemed to have seen through her.

"Don't think too much. Many things are out of our control. Besides, it's going to rain, and we can't control it."


Austin was taken aback. He didn't know how to comfort her.

"What do you think? Do you feel uncomfortable? Change your wet clothes as soon as you get home. "

en? Why are you wet in the rain? "

Mona opened the door and said with concern, "Mona, don't ask. Let Yolande go upstairs and change his clothes."

After entering the living room, Austin put away the umbrella and Yolande changed into cotton slippers.

"Mona, I'm going upstairs to change my clothes."

She ran all the way to the stairs with the help of the project ladder, and Mona's voice of concern came from behind.

"Mr. Austin, your shirt is also wet..."

Yolande walked into her room and took out a long white dress from the wardrobe. It was still raining outside the window, and from time to time there were several thunder, and a lightning flashed in the distant sky.

Sitting on the bed in her room, Yolande was in a daze. Several knocks on the door pulled her absent-minded consciousness back to reality.

Yolande got out of bed, walked to the door and opened it. Standing at the door, Austin said, "are you hungry? Let's get something out first."

Austin carefully put a bowl of steaming bird's nest porridge on her table. The man looked at Yolande with loving eyes and gently touched her forehead.

"Fortunately, you didn't catch a cold in the rain."

Yolande was deeply touched. Mr. Austinserved her bird's nest congee in person, which seemed to make her a little flattered. But Austin had always been considerate and took good care of her, so she got used to it.

"Yes, I'm hungry."

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