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   Chapter 163 I'll Go Shopping

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After signing with Mr. Ben, Austin put his arm around Yolande's shoulders and walked out of Mr. Ben's office building, Yolande was very excited to finally be able to work with Mr. Ben on a project she had been waiting for so long.

"Thank you for doing so much for me all the time."

Austin's heart sank slightly, she was still so close to him, making him very sad, for several months, the same house under the same roof to spend time together, he thought that the relationship with Yolande is much closer, Yolande is more and more concerned about him, the two seem to have a small warm smell, Austin unconsciously intoxicated, and enjoy every little detail of the relationship between her and Yolande.

At this moment, she stared at him with grateful and sincere eyes, Austin only felt that they were just respectful friends. In addition, in Yolande's heart, she still had feelings for Aron, even if Aron hated her. The two met once, and Aron would take the opportunity to humiliate Yolande. Even like this, in Yolande's heart she still have thoughts about Aron.

"Well, you don't have to say that."

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at her indifferently. Then he turned around and said nothing.

In the car, there was an awkward silence. A trace of displeasure flashed across Yolande's face. She glanced sideways at Austin, who was still sitting quietly. This man had a strange temper. She sincerely thanked him, but he responded coldly. At the same time, another emotion rose in her heart. Well, she seemed to mind his indifference and temporary alienation.


The good mood just now was reduced in half. Yolande sat in the passenger seat with her arms crossed in front of her chest in silence.

"You can go back to the company alone. I want to take a walk. Today is weekend."

Before Austin could answer, Austin walked out of his car in her high heels.

"Where are you going? I'll go with you. "

"I want to go shopping alone."

After closing the door, Yolande turned to look at Austin and said, "well, I want to be alone and clear my mind. Next week, I will start my work journey. I must finish the project I'm working on smoothly.".

The petit

'Yolande was very upset. She was hungry, but she didn't bring any money with her.

"Hello, Mrs. Yolande."

A passer-by greeted her friendly. Yolande smiled awkwardly.

"Mrs. Yolande, why are you alone? Where is Mr. Austin?"

Only then did Yolande see clearly that the woman who asked was a woman in her fifties. She was fat and white and looked like a blessed person.

"He is working overtime in the company. I come out to buy something."

"Mrs. Yolande, you want to buy things by yourself? There should be several servants at home."

The woman sighed with a complicated expression. "You rich people live a more comfortable life than us. You have servants to serve you every day, and you live the life of a rich women every day."

Yolande smiled politely and felt a little bored. She measured her body and walked away from the back of the old woman. After walking for a while, she turned around and glared at the old woman. The old woman was no longer there.

Well, can money solve all problems? She didn't have any money, but she came to mock the rich. Did they think it was easy to make money?

This society was very fair. The more you got, the greater the risk you would face.

I'm starving. Why don't I call Austin and ask him to pick me up? Covering her belly, Yolande was thinking about how to fill her stomach. However, she forgot to take her phone with her when she went out, and she didn't remember Austin's phone number.

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