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   Chapter 160 The Project Was Cancelled

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Updated: 2020-04-30 00:03

To prevent the infection, Austin stopped the bleeding and disinfected the wound on Yolande's finger with alcohol. Yolande went blank as she stared at him.

"Let me do it. My finger is broken and can't touch water."

"Ah, Okay."

Seeing that, Yolande took a few steps back. Austin picked up the knife and began to cut vegetables. Yolande stared at the man in front of her with a dull look in her eyes. It seemed that she hadn't come to herself from the scene just now. When she came to her senses, Austin had already put the spinach in the pot and fried it with an egg.

This man was so perfect, not to mention being handsome, but so considerate and gentle. Yolande couldn't help blushing and her heart beat fast. When she ran out of the kitchen with a cat on her waist, her heart beat very fast. It was true that she had been teased by this man recently.

She felt a dull pain in the cut of her finger. She raised her finger and looked at the gauze wrapped around her finger. Even the gauze was wrapped so carefully. A light flashed in Yolande's eyes, indicating something.

The noodles with spinach and eggs in it were very delicious. Maybe Yolande was hungry, she just lowered her head and ate fiercely. The man in front of her frowned and looked at her.

"It's just a simple kind of noodles. Don't you get used to it?"

"No, I'm used to it. Even you Mr. Lin can get used to it. How can I not get used to it?"

Yolande said angrily with her eyes wide open. But Austin didn't get angry. Instead, he smiled dotingly.

"Yes, I'm used to it."

After celebrating with Sunny, Aron didn't stop his action. Instead, he began a new round of attack on Austin and Yolande. One of Yolande's partners suddenly regretted and broke the contract of one project.

"Mr. Ben, what do you mean?"

"Director, I decide to cooperate with another company on this project."

The man said with a false smile. He took a sip of coffee and glanced at the puzzled look on Yolande's face indifferently. It seemed that the earlier pleasant talks between them didn't exist.

"Well, Mr. Ben, since you h

heels and went back to her office.

"Mr. Gu, the project of Yolande has been cancelled," the assistant said with a gloating smile.

Aron rotated the ball pen in his hand and put on an evil smile. "Very good. Another project has been lost in Austin's company."

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

Aron was thrilled. His hatred towards Austin and Yolande's company subsided a little. He turned his eyes to the outside of the window, where clouds were constantly changing and floating in the blue sky.

Aron just found the person in charge of the project cooperation project with Yolande's financial department and explained to him that in the past, Mrs. Lin had a hard time with her sister and often called and threatened her. This woman was too scheming. Hearing this, the other party's face changed dramatically. He thanked Aron. As expected, the man cancelled the project cooperation.

Aron withdrew his gaze and smiled more brightly. 'You really deserve it. You have to pay the price for humiliating others.'

The dignified Mr. Austin was just so so. Aron chuckled.

He thought that Yolande would argue with him about his attack on Austin's company in person since this woman could do anything. But everything was fine these days.

Aron lit a cigarette, put it to his mouth and took a puff. Then he slowly puffed out the smoke. Aron and Yolande used to be lovers, but now, he only hated Yolande.

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