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   Chapter 117 A Minor Wound

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After Austin carefully bandaged Yolande's wound, he whispered in her ear.

"It's okay," the voice was spoiled.

"Yes, it doesn't hurt any more." replied Yolande, wiping away her tears again.

Austin helped Yolande sit up on the chair. A ray of sunshine spread over her pretty face. She looked so beautiful.

Austin held her hand and they smiled at each other.

Looking at the sweet couple, Brian was envious.

When Yolande was with Aron, they were not affectionate like this. They ogled each other from time to time.

Then he looked at Sunny, who was overburdened with tears and snot, as if the only way to vent her anger was to lose her temper.

Sunny suddenly raised her head. Her makeup was tousled with tears on her face, and her eyes were fierce.

She staggered to her feet and pointed at Brian.

"You betrayed me! I was set up! Why did you do this to me?"

Sunny approached Brian step by step and took a few steps back. Brian was afraid of the woman in front of him, and his heart could not help trembling.

Brian took a deep breath and looked at Sunny with a firm look in his eyes.

"I didn't betray you. The day has eyes, the night has ears. If you want people to know nothing about it, you'd better not do it."

He looked at Sunny calmly and fearlessly.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Brian, you will die like a dog."

Sunny was so anxious that she shouted abuse.

Brian was rather calm, "you are the one who will die in a violent way, aren't you? You do so many wrong things, so you deserve to be punished."

"Killing your own father? Who will wrong you?"

He glanced at Sunny and said in an ironic tone. With his cold eyes, he turned around.

Sunny looked at the three people in the living room with cold eyes, rolling her hair and shouting, which was disgusting.

"Please be quiet," Austin said coldly.

Sitting on the chair, Yolande looked at Sunny calmly. She looked like a queen compared to Sunny's coward eyes.

Yolande felt a dull pain in his neck and touched it with his hand. The wound was covered with gauze.

had seen her several times. In his memory, Yolande was kind and timid, and looked weak and easily bullied.

But now, Yolande spoke in a tough and imposing manner, which was totally different from what she used to be.

Brian looked at the cigarette in silence, speechless.

The air froze. The four remained silent. The clock ticking was extremely loud in the silent air.

Sunny got up from the ground and staggered to the sofa, weeping.

"You all bullied me, you deserve to die."

Austin was pissed off by the awkward situation in the living room and the importunate and unreasonable behavior of Sunny.

"Ms. Su, you likes to throw things when you are angry, which is really not a good habit. You shouldn't damage my belongings. You have to pay for it."

Austin said coldly.

"What if I don't?"

Sunny raised her head from her crying, flames of anger burning in her eyes. With his slender body back to her, Austin didn't want to say one more word to Sunny. He found her disgusting.

Austin asked the butler to come and throw the shards of broken glasses and porcelain out of the living room. The three of them continued to do their work in the living room.

Now he looked around and found the living room was clean and empty.

The originally gorgeous living room turned to be empty and simple after being tormented by Sunny, which made Yolande feel very strange.

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