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   Chapter 108 Determined Revenge

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Yolande looked out of the window with a touch of sadness in her eyes.

Humph, the man she loved most in the past insulted her for three years. Even if she divorced with Aron, there was a lot of insult and abuse every time she met him.

A teardrop fell from Yolande's eyes. She suddenly felt that she was ridiculous that she should attach herself to a man who had hurt her. Aron was not worth it. He didn't deserve her at all.

Not only did Aron connive at Sunny to slander Yolande in front of the media, but he also intentionally exposed himself for Sunny. Although that was not the truth of the matter, it made Yolande very sad. After all, it was impossible for him to let go of his love for more than ten years easily.

"Aron, do you trust me most?"

"Of course. You are the one I love most. If I don't trust you, who else can I trust?"

"Aron, will we stay together forever?"

"We will,"

For some reason, Yolande's mind flashed back the conversation between her and Aron years ago. She still felt heartbroken. The people had changed. But now, Aron was her enemy. Although she hated him so much, no one could guarantee that there was no love hidden in the hatred.

Yolande wiped her tears and took a deep breath to calm herself down. It was not worth her tears to quarrel with such man as Aron.

Even though Yolande had been tanned almost as vicious as the empress of the Princess Snow, she was still very calm.

The business performance was promoted every week, and Austin admired her more.

"Yolande, you're getting more and more outstanding," Austin sincerely praised Yolande.

Several top leaders of the company appreciated her very much. They found it hard to believe what the media had said about Yolande. Mrs. Lin who they knew about was not the media described at all.

Compared with that, they believed that the woman that Austin fell in love with wasn't that girl who described in media.

Although most of the people from the outside world had viewed his company as a barren pla

unny coldly.

The woman snuffed out the cigarette end and took a glance at Sunny. It seemed that Mrs. Gu was not easy to deal with. So she thought it would be better to be polite to Sunny.

Generally speaking, the clients who are looking for her promotion are ordinary people, and the money they can afford is very limited. As an online pusher, who is most good at earning money by trading with them at high prices? Who doesn't want to make more money?

But it also depended on the situation. Those who could not afford to offend had to be nice to them. After all, it was not easy to make money.

"Mrs. Gu called me to promote a news?"

The woman softened her tone and said, looking at Sunny.

"Yeah, I'm going to transform a person, Yolande Su, too," Sunny said flatly.

"You can name a price," said Sunny.

The woman responded with a smile, staring at Sunny with her bright eyes. Then, she hesitated for a while.

"How about five million? I promise I'll give you what you want."

After thinking about it for a while, Sunny said, "Okay, I hope you don't give me the result that I wanted, or you won't have a good end."

Sunny said arrogantly.

The woman gave a disdainful look at Sunny and said, "are you threatening me?"

Raising her eyebrows, Sunny said, "if you can't do it, I can find other pushers."


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