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   Chapter 107 Got Satisfied

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In the villa of Gu family

The servant made a table of delicious dishes for the host to move in. Sunny's face was full of sweetness and happiness, the delicate posture, at this moment, was also adorable in the heart of Aron.

"Come on, have some more." Aron put a piece of red cooked pork in Sunny's bowl. Sunny raised her eyebrows and glanced at him delightedly.

After they finished their dinner happily, the servant removed the empty dish.

Sunny put on a sexy sexy sexy nightdress with above knees and arms, her every movement showed both charm and enchantment. Her soft body leaned against the sofa, looking at Aron with a pair of touching eyes.

Looking at the beauty in front of him, a hint of lust flashed through Aron's heart. The male hormone inside a man grew wildly, and Aron took a few steps to walk past Sunny, his eyes full of affection.

"What? You want to be with me after these days?"

Sunny said shyly, "You are annoying." she pretended to be angry and wanted to push Aron away.

Aron grinned evilly, picked her up and went to the bedroom. Holding her petite body in his arms, Aron looked happy.

"Honey, put me down, please."

She said in a shy tone and hit Aron in the chest. He put her on the big bed of the bedroom with her arms around his neck. "Honey, do you believe that I am innocent?"

"Honey, I'm so scared that you might divorce me."

She frowned and felt wronged.

Aron felt sorry for her and touched Sunny's head gently.

"Don't be silly. You are the woman I love most."



The man's eyes were full of deep affection. Sunny threw herself into the arms of Aron and burst into tears.

Next morning

Sunny turned over and buried herself into the chest of Aron, who was still quite sleepy and hugged her back with his strong and warm arms.

The dawn broke, and the decorations of the bedroom were clearly seen.

Aron slowly opened his sleepy eyes, got up from the bed and gently put down Sunny's arms.


. Don't worry," Austin comforted, waving his hand.

Despite this, when she saw Austin's slightly pale face, she was still worried about him.

Yolande took a look at Austin worriedly. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she saw the newspapers spread on his desk. Originally, she didn't plan to read them carefully. She has already known what would be there.

However, the name of Aron Gu came into view.

Yolande was a little nervous. She picked up the newspaper and there was a report about the confession of Aron Gu.

Yolande is a slut! I've always treated her sincerely. However, she stabbed me behind my back and lay on the bed with my father. She is notorious for her slut and wicked behaviors. Since there is justice in the world, those who intend to rape her should be punished.

Yolande had done so many bad things to hurt Sunny and made her break down. As her husband, I should clarify that such a woman deserved to live a sad life and go to hell. .

Putting down the newspaper, Yolanda felt heartbroken. Aha, a few honeyed words of Sunny and a few tears from Sunny's eyes could make Aron believe her. He was even willing to write such a statement to defame him for her.

Yolande put the newspapers back on the desk. "I'm going back to my office."

She looked upset. Austin couldn't bear to see that.

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