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   Chapter 96 Being Photographed By Paparazzi

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This woman used to sleep with his father. How could she be so happy?

And she even was attending such a high-end dinner now. Oh, he almost forgot that Yolande was married to the dignified young master Austin.

Now that she was the finance director of Austin's company, Aron felt uncomfortable in his heart. A woman like Yolande deserved no such a good job, not to mention being qualified for the position.

With displeasure written all over his face, Aron walked up to Yolande and grabbed her wrist. Yolande raised her head to look back at him bravely.

Seeing that the woman in front of him had no fear and her eyes were full of hatred, Aron was very angry. A nameless anger went up to his chest. He couldn't help but tighten his fingers.

Yolande's wrist ached. "Let me go." Yolande's tone was harsh.

However, Aron didn't budge a little. He still held onto Yolande's arm tightly. When Yolande looked into his eyes, her heart was calm and unperturbed. But her love for him didn't seem to fade away so easily.

There was a reluctant look in her eyes, which was immediately replaced by some coldness. She was in totally cold.

With cold eyes, a gush of hatred came out of Yolande.

Even if Yolande had been reluctant to leave Aron, now she was changed. She only wanted to take revenge.

She had been tormented for three years. In the past three years, Aron had never listened to her explanation once. Aron had long been sure that Yolande was a slut. He thought that she had always liked old men as his father.

Looking at the woman with cold eyes in front of him, he suddenly felt that Yolande, who used to love him, was not like that. Now that she had married to Austin, she no longer needed to put on an act in front of him.

Aron gripped her wrist even more forcefully. It hurts, but Yolande still looked at him calmly.

"You're hurting me," Yolande said in a cold tone, staring at him.

"Please let go

to see me, then get out of here. We are on the same page."

With his face turning green, Aron rolled his sleeves, cast a glance at Yolande and left angrily. Yolande stood still and watched his figure disappear in her sight.

She leaned against the wall and slid down. Out of control, a tear fell from her eyes.

It turned out that there was still a position of Aron in the deepest part of her heart. Even though she looked strong and pretended to be strong, there was no denying that she still loved him.

Leaning her head against the wall, Yolande closed her eyes. After the quarrel just now, her calm heart was suddenly like a lake dropped a stone that produced ripples.

After a few minutes, Yolande calmed down a bit. She wiped her tears, stood up from the ground and straightened her clothes.

After refining her make-up in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and sighed.

In the heart of Aron, Yolande was always the slut who had abandoned him and hooked up with an old man. Her reputation had been put to this point in the heart of him. She was very sad.

Even though Aron had seen Sunny hugging his father with his own eyes, he only suspected Sunny at most before figuring out the truth. At least, he was willing to listen to Sunny's explanation.

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