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   Chapter 45 Requested To Destroy The Contract

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Updated: 2020-03-30 00:23

On the sixth day after Yolande was kidnapped, Austin received a call from Sunny.

"Who are you?" Austin asked.

The number dialed his phone was not far from his location. But Austin didn't know who it was. The other end of the phone kept silent for three seconds.

"Austin, I'm Sunny. I think you can recognize my voice. I'm calling to discuss a deal with you." The woman said on the phone, swollen with arrogance.

Austin frowned. This woman couldn't stay still any longer. She caught Yolande because she hated Yolande to death and also wanted to threaten him with Yolande. Austin walked towards his desk, crossed his legs and sank into thought. Although she hadn't got down to business, Austin had already guessed what she was going to say. Although he had a good temper, he was always disgusted with her calculating mind and had no patience to talk to her.

"Go ahead. What do you want?" He asked straightforward.

"I strongly request that all the property that my father left will be under my name, then the contract will be invalid. After he left, I will be the heir of his property." Said Sunny with great confidence.

"Well, on the condition that you can release Yolande and let me take her home." Said Austin.

The contract would be terminated, and Sunny would take possession of Yolande's property. Austin as he was, he agreed to her request for the safety of Yolande. He could get Yolande's property back in the future. After six days, he was worried about her.

"I want to see the contract first. I will definitely let Yolande go back." Disdain was written all over her face. Austin was always alert. When he heard her words, he laughed.

Both of them were preoccupied with their own thoughts on the phone. Sunny said with a sneer. She wished that Yolande could die so that she could never see her face again. How could she let Yolande go so easily?

"Please send the contract to me.

e luxury decoration of Austin's company surprised Sunny.

Then she was jealous that Yolande could work in such a magnificent company. How could Yolnade enjoy better things? In the past, Yolande had been loved by Aron with both excellence and talent. It took Suuny a lot of time and effort to divorce them. Her effort in design availed Yolande. She didn't expect that Yolande would marry a man who was more outstanding than Aron and was leading such a happy life now. Thinking of this, Sunny was determined not to let go of her easily, and she hoped that Yolande would die immediately.

Austin and his assistant went downstairs. She glanced at Austin coldly. Austin turned around and looked at a thick tree next to them. His voice came to Sunny's ears.

"Where is my wife? Can she go home today? "

"I really don't understand why you are so concerned about my sister." Her voice was full of provocation.

Sunny rolled down the window and reached out her snow-white hand. The assistant looked back at Austin and got s sign, and then handed the contract to Sunny.

Sunny was so pleased to get the contract and she tried her best to keep calm. Sunny blinked her eyes. She had already got the contract. It was still up to her whether she would let Yolande go or not.

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