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   Chapter 44 Meeting With Brian

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When Austin arrived at the coffee shop, Brian has not arrived yet. So he asked for a cup of Japanese coffee.

This area belonged to the downtown area. There were many people coming and going, and it was also very noisy with the noise of yelling.

He stirred the brown coffee with a spoon, slowly and rhythmically. Sitting in a wooden chair, he stared at an intersection outside the glass window with a cold face.

Before coming to the cafe, Austin asked his assistant to send a picture of Brian on his computer so that he could see him in person. He was worried that Brian would ask his assitant to meet him.

After a while, a new car stopped by the side of the road. Brian got off the car. When Austin saw him coming, he was relieved. He didn't break his promise. Brian went straight to the coffee shop. After making sure the seat of Austin, he went straight to him. Austin kept stirring his coffee, showing no intention to get up.

Brian: Aron's brother. He has a similar look to Aron. He looks rough and handsome. Brian took his seat and asked the waiter for a cup of Japanese coffee as well.

Seeing that Austin was silent all the time, Brian could not help but interrupt him.

"Mr. Lin wants to see me? Just say it if you have something to say. Probably you don't invite me for coffee." Said Brian.

He asked after taking a sip of coffee.

"My wife was kidnapped five days ago. I thought it was Sunny who did it. After investigation, I found that things were not as simple as I thought. You were the one who kidnapped my wife, right?"

Brian's good-looking eyebrows twisted and he casually returned to normal. He took a sip of coffee and sighed, pretending to be innocent.

"It seems that Mr. Lin specially came here today to blame me. What does Yolande have to do with me? If we were related, she used to be my sister-in-law, how could I kidnap her? "

Brian's tone was completely unreasonable, as if he had never done that before. He gulped down the coffee and asked the waiter for another cup of Japanese coffee. Austin didn't want to wa

d sister, a personality of many aspects.

"Kidnapping a woman? What are you capable of? Tell Sunny that bitch to come out." Without thinking too much, she just yelled at him. She had been tied in the warehouse for more than 12 hours. She hadn't drunk any water for a long time. She was weak and furious.

Suddenly, a man took pictures of her with his phone. She didn't know why they took her tied pictures. It seemed that the man was going to send these photos to someone.

"Long time no see, sister-in-law. Oh, no, I remember it wrong again. You have divorced with my brother. " Brian said provocatively.

Brian ordered the men next to him to untie her. Several men untied her in a couple of times. With her body becoming flaccid, she slumped onto the ground and half knelt down. Then, she was dragged into Brian's car by a man beside her.

"Where are you taking me? Let me go? If Austin know it, he won't let you off. " Yolande shouted in a panic.

"Be quiet!" Ordered Brian.

She didn't expect that Brian would pull her all the way to his home. Gu family's old house was far away from the urban area, surrounded by a wild area, even more suburban than the suburbs.

Yolande had been locked up in Brian's house. She needed help with five doors.

Who would have thought that the second son of the Gu family would kidnap a two-married woman in his own home.

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